RockSoul’s Newest Addition to their Family of Gamer Equipment

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – 02-22-2019 ( — RockSoul’s Newest Addition to their Family of Gamer Equipment

RockSoul Reveals New Curved Gaming Monitors

RockSoul, a company specializing in high-quality computer peripheral products, announced their new Curved Gaming Monitors as the next addition to their growing family of gamer equipment.

RockSoul has always known that gamers are looking for the next best thing to give them an edge in the competition, and that’s exactly what they’ve designed with their new 27/32 inch Curved Gaming Monitors. With a commitment to both game utility and experience, RockSoul strives to live up to its commitment of being a “Gamer’s Best Friend”. Their monitors’ 1800mm radius curve wraps around the field of view of the users and offers them the chance to fully immerse themselves in the experience of their gameplay. Without sacrificing functionality to graphic glitches and frame rate sputters, the monitors’ 2650x1440p QHD resolution offers a smooth and detailed visual experience with 1.6 million colors for the monitors to work with. The built in blue light filter prevents the Melanopsin receptor cells in eyes from being irritated after extended hours of gameplay, and the anti-glare features prevent games being ruined from unwanted sunlight glares. This monitor is also capable of being hooked up to more customizable rigs with its VI, HGMI, and DP ports. The monitors’ heights can be adjusted on their stands with minimal physical effort, allowing comfortable viewing for all sizes and ages. Some complaints have been lodged against the monitor’s speakers with the claim that their quality is far from stellar, resulting in a sub-quality audio experience. The coloring of the monitors’ edges has also been viewed with a rather negative light, with users finding the bright red band to be quite ugly and distracting to their gameplay immersion. Some have even gone so far as to tape the offending band up to hide it from their view. But regardless of these complaints, the 27/32 inch Curved Gaming Monitors does offer a state of the art visual experience for gamers at an affordable price. 

The responses from the buyers have been positive, with the monitors having received a consistent 4.4 out of 5 stars on Buyers have been praising the excellent lighting that the monitors afford and the wide RGB range, comparing the visual display to that of far more expensive monitors. The affordable price tag that comes without any sacrifice to quality has impressed many of the buyers. RockSoul hasn’t been shy about their new products either. When asked about the new monitors, the company CEO offered, “Our goal has always been to provide quality products for our customers, and I really feel we’ve done that here. This is something that you’ll be able to see on state of the art gaming platforms, and we’ve already gotten the attention of several ESports players looking to enhance their current rigs. We’re really looking forward to seeing where these monitors take us.”  

One of their stockholders added, “I’m a pretty avid gamer myself, and I’m really looking forward to being able to add this to my own computer. The curvature is pretty amazing, it really feels like I’m fully immersed in the game. I don’t have to worry about something in the corner of my eye distracting me from a kill because the monitor is already in the corner of my eye.” 

With a new addition to their expanding list of gaming equipment, RockSoul is set to continue pushing forward with their strategic niche in the gaming market for high-quality computer peripheral accessories. With ten years under their belt, the company is looking forward to another ten years of continued productiveness. 

About RockSoul: Founded in 2009, RockSoul is set to become the supplier of choice for peripheral gaming equipment with their high quality products and affordable prices, allowing the average gamer to enjoy themselves without breaking the bank. With the belief that “all true technological innovation comes out of the user experience and user feedback, which together represent gamers’ ever-evolving search for the ultimate gaming experience”, RockSoul has always sought to provide their customers with the best gaming experience that they can. With their products specifically designed to assist gamers, they’ve made efforts in carving out their niche for themselves in these last ten years. They’ve made strides in their goal to create their high-quality products and have used the feedback they’ve received from their customers to improve their merchandise. With their vision centered around the concept of being a “Gamer’s Best Friend”, the company’s products have been well received on the market, already catching the attention of several professional ESports gamers. These products are available at affordable wholesale prices on as well. With a creative lab spanning more than 12,000 kilometers located in the City of Industry, RockSoul is ready to continue developing quality equipment for their gamers. 

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