Daya Maxflo Receives MCR Global License Agreement And Wins First 2018 Platinum Award

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – 02-27-2019 ( — In recognition of the excellent service quality and performance provided, Daya Maxflo Sdn Bhd (“DMAX”) – a 86.5%-owned subsidiary of Daya Materials Berhad was recently awarded the first 2018 Platinum Award for Excellence as the best licensee of MCR Oil Tools, LLC (“MCR Oil Tools”). The award was presented by Mr. Michael Robertson, the President and CEO of MCR Oil Tools at DMAX Malaysia’s office.


Along with the presentation of this prestigious award, MCR Oil Tools has also extended its Licensing Agreement with DMAX for another period of three years with expanded geographical coverage.


As a licensee to MCR Oil Tools, DMAX provides Radial Cutting Torch (“RCT”) and other new MCR technology services to various oil & gas companies in Malaysia and also globally including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The provision of this global license now allows DMAX to continue its rapid expansion and growth for its core business in RCT services in the new markets it is currently targeting countries within the Middle Eastern region such as Oman, Kuwait; South America, Africa and the Caspian territory.


DMAX is a specialized oilfield service company for pipe recovery, well intervention drilling and well abandonment, and production enhancement.


“We are indeed very honoured to have received this prestigious award from MCR Oil Tools and are pleased to have our Licensing Agreement extended with expanded geographical coverage which will allow us to expand our footprints as well as driving earnings for the Group. We will continue to work very hard and diligently to uphold the quality and standards that MCR Oil Tools has placed on DMAX.” Daya Group Executive Vice President Oil and Gas, Shamsul Saad says. 


Shamsul Saad (Daya Group Executive Vice President) Oil and Gas, receiving the first 2018 Platinum Award for Excellence as the best licensee of MCR Oil Tools from Michael Robertson (President and CEO of MCR Oil Tools). Looking on are Arthur Sam (CEO of DMAX) on the far left and Scott Hayes (Business Development Manager of MCR Oil Tools) on the far right.

About Daya Maxflo Sdn Bhd 


Daya Maxflo Sdn Bhd (DMAX), established in 2005, is a specialized oilfield service company for pipe recovery, drilling and well abandonment, well intervention and production enhancement. DMAX’s vision is to be a leading specialized oilfield service company in the world and their mission is to help the oil and gas companies to increase their hydrocarbon recoveries and business profitability. DMAX is driven by its experienced staffs in offering superior technologies and quality services. Their main products & services are MCR Oil Tools’ Radial Cutting Torch (RCT), EV downhole Visual Analytics and camera, GAIA Cable Protection System (GCPS) and Wireline Intervention Sub (WIS). DMAX is a subsidiary of Daya Materials Berhad, a public listed company in Malaysia. Currently DMAX is operating in more than 15 countries. The company has developed various strategic partnerships and operations throughout the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Caspian region i.e. Malaysia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Libya, Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan, Australia and Thailand. 

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