BroCo Holdings Announces Private Investment in Lone Star Mat

Houston, Texas – 03-01-2019 ( — BroCo Holdings, LLC (“BroCo”), a Houston-based specialty consulting and advisory services firm, announced today that certain private investors, including the partners of BroCo, have made a significant investment in Lone Star Mat, LLC (“Lone Star” or the “Company”), a leading timber mat supply company in the United States.  Steven Truitt, founder of Lone Star Mat, will continue to be the CEO of the Company and drive continued success.  Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“We are excited about this new partnership and the continued growth of Lone Star Mat,” said Steven Truitt, Chief Executive Officer of Lone Star Mat.  “I am pleased to be partnered with the BroCo team and look forward to continued success”. 

Lone Star Mat is a leading supplier of timber mat products throughout the Continental United States.   The Company rents, leases and sells a variety of timber mats including laminated mats, digging mats, bridge mats, and pipe skids to various industries including construction, pipeline, wind power, barge, and marine industries.  Lone Star Mat has experienced exceptional growth over the past few years by focusing on customers and delivering unparalleled service. 

“We believe there is opportunity for significant growth of Lone Star Mat in the coming years,” said Dwayne Breaux, Partner and Chief Executive Officer of BroCo Holdings.  “Steven and his team provide exceptional customer service that has created a solid customer based and opportunity for immediate additional expansion into other operational areas. By supporting Lone Star Mat, we can help drive the continued success of the business long term”.  

BroCo provided advisory and consulting services to Lone Star with a goal of raising equity capital and supporting continued growth and expansion of the Lone Star business.  As a result, BroCo developed necessary marketing and due diligence materials and helped secure private investor equity capital to support further geographic expansion as well as diversification of service offerings to better meet customer needs.  Additionally, BroCo has been engaged to provide ongoing support of the Lone Star business.

About BroCo Holdings, LLC

BroCo is a business solution consulting firm that focuses on enhancing stakeholder value through hands-on active engagement in a company’s business. Specifically, BroCo engages in three core areas of Business Management Consulting and Process Improvement, Active Business Management, and Sell-Side Advisory and Consulting Services.  BroCo was created to provide aggressive small companies with back office support, process improvement, access to financial resources, and vertical integration strategies to help these companies achieve greater stakeholder return.  The BroCo team brings over five decades of proven experience in identifying, developing, and growing businesses with the ability to introduce the financial expansion tools, processes and procedures, and targeted growth initiatives to help further small business success. 

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