Fashion Designer diManolo releases a 4-in-1 Belt With Therapeutic Properties Built for Modern Life

London, United Kingdom – 03-01-2019 ( — The Belt by diManolo promises to give wearers a therapeutic and fashionable approach to accessorizing with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO. Handcrafted and packed perfectly in a limited edition wooden box, the campaign promises up to a 55% discount plus free engraving to early bird backers and subscribers. The buyers will be making an investment in a revolutionary belt, the most cost-effective and yet delightful sartorial purchase available.

The design of the belt and buckle aims to please, that’s for sure. Yet, it also keeps in mind the external needs of the user, ambitiously attempting to provide instant back pain and stress relief through a unique and soothing solution known as magnet therapy. Innovative and dynamic, the inclusion of magnets is a functional and fashionable choice: On the one hand, it helps to maintain the promise of a 4-in-1, reversible belt, offering the wearer a firm grip that keeps the folding layers of premium Italian leather held in place.On the other hand, these powerful neodymium magnets provide wearers the chance to relieve their lower back pain through magnet therapy, a scientifically-tested and user-backed method of pain and inflammation reduction. The magnets are intended to encourage the flow of oxygen to cells, increase blood flow, alter nerve impulses, and readjust brain neurotransmitters, which improves overall emotional well-being. diManolo didn’t just took the theory by hart, they also tested the properties of The Belt. Thus, 84 persons with back pain issues wore for about 2 weeks The Belt and here are the results: 68 of them felt positive results, 9 of them felt positive results but considered it was placebo, while 7 persons did not fell any difference. At the heart of The Belt’s design are the industry’s most reliable reversible buckles, tested by the team with 1000 turns. Despite the inclusion of magnets and the durable buckle, however, it remains lightweight and thin, designed to be 14x stronger than steel thanks to ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene.The Belt by diManolo was designed to give wearers choices, flexibility, and durability. To make the most of the reversible design, wearers will choose four separate colors from a wide selection of 48. Straps can be unwrapped, revealing the next color below, then reversed for a third color choice. That side, as well, can be unwrapped, once again revealing a fourth and final color. Wearers can also choose from six different nickel-alloy, anti-scratch buckle surface colors and styles, including classic silver, sleek matte black for men, chic gold for women, a burnished chrome for men, and so many more.  These special belts come with their own serial number. They’re not intended for pregnant women or individuals relying on devices such as a pacemaker, defibrillator or medication pumps. However, any sartorialist who knows the devil is in the details when it comes to fashion will appreciate the way that this 4-in-1 belt seeks to simplify fashion and amplify style. Backers for the INDIEGOGO campaign can invest at four different levels, each with their own perks. For $127 USD, for example, backers will receive the early bird discount and free engraving on the belt. There are, however, limited numbers of these available so backers will want to act fast. Those who plan to make this 4-in-1 belt the last fashion accessory they’ll ever need to buy will love to take advantage of the fourth tier of backing, where investors will be rewarded with three of The Belt by diManolo pieces. The estimated shipping date begins in June 2019, or even earlier, so now is the time for backers to take action. As any crowdfunding backer knows, there are no risks attached to the purchase. Money back are guaranteed in unlikely case of no deliver. More details about The Belt and diManolo are available on the campaign page of INDIEGOGO and on

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