Adva Mobile’s new marketing software brings Creative Artists’ SuperFans right to their doorstep

– 03-05-2019 ( — Newest Version of Leading Mobile Marketing Service for Musicians and Creative Artists pinpoints Fans that are ready to buy


Westerly, Rhode Island Adva Mobile Corporation, the leading mobile marketing platform for creative Artists to acquire, engage, and sell to their Fans, expanded their popular marketing platform with new Fan data capture capabilities.


“Today, Adva Mobile introduces a truly comprehensive approach to providing marketing and selling capabilities for creative Artists to reach and monetize their fan base,” said Jack Kelly, co-founder and CEO of Adva Mobile. “Imagine a service for creative Artists that manages your Fan database, organizes them by data sets that help Artists target and engage Fans, and provide all the tools needed to acquire, engage, and sell to Fans on all computer devices – mobile, tablet and desktop. No one does this today. We have the opportunity to create a whole new way for creative Artists to connect with their Fan base.”


The Adva Mobile platform delivers a complete mobile marketing solution that focuses on Fan Capture, Engagement, and Monetization using the mobile ecosystem. Mobile is the system of choice for connecting to and selling to fans due it is to its universal adoption and increasingly sophisticated usability. The new features announced today enhance the Artists’ engagement with their fans by supplying them more information about fans and better tools to engage them.


The SMS Text Ecosystem


The SMS Fan Blast feature, which helps Artists target and send opted-in Fans Text Messages that inform and engage Fans, can now direct fans to any Internet location, and can be flexibly adjusted based upon the campaign. Text messages can direct Fans to:

  • Responsive Web App Landing Pages, part of the Adva Mobile service, including pages that offer News, Event details, biography information, music, video or photo content, contest and survey engagement pages, and other landing pages that engage Fans 
  • The Artists’ own Web Site, and text campaigns can switch between content on the Artist Web Site and content on the Artists’ Adva Mobile Web App Landing Pages
  • External web pages, including online stores (iTunes, Etsy, Google Play, Amazon, etc.) and social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


A Full-Service Marketing Platform for Creative Artists


Interactive Web App Landing Pages that support Text and Email Marketing campaigns are now Responsive, rendering correctly on any mobile tablet and desktop device. Creative Artists can use their Adva Mobile Web App as their online Web Site, with all the content provided by other Web Site services or augment their existing web site with a set of Landing Pages that are connected to these outreach campaigns. Fan interaction on the Web App is captured and associated with individual Fan Profiles, which help Artists understand engagement and identify which Fans are Superfans and ready to buy. 


“If you’re a band on a major label, you have a support staff to manage all these Fan outreach and management activities. If you’re an emerging Artist, you need simple, effective tools to manage this yourself.”, said Kelly.


About Adva Mobile: Adva Mmobile provides marketing technology and services that helps creative Artists create closer relations with their audience. The service aligns Text Marketing, Email Marketing, Responsive Web App and Landing Pages, Storefront, Engagement services and Fan Database management into an integrated marketing services platform. 


For more information contact Jack Kelly, CEO, [email protected] or 877-752-5116.

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