Bicupid.Com Announces Installation of Updated Security System

Orillia, Ontario – 03-05-2019 ( —, a reliable and respected bisexual dating website, has adopted an updated, highly effective security defense system to further protect the privacy of their members. Toronto, ON –, a renowned dating website for bisexual people, is pleased to announce that effective steps have been taken to ensure the privacy of its users with the installation of a new state-of-the-art security defense system. Bisexuality encompasses people who are romantically or sexually attracted to both males and females. Although only a small percentage of people consider themselves to be bisexual, statistics show that their numbers are on the increase as awareness about bisexuality grows. was created as a dating site to meet the needs of bisexuals, but according to a spokesperson, privacy issues are extremely important for its users: “Our site has been well received by people all over the world, and our users are grateful to have the opportunity to find suitable bisexual dating partners. But we are continually asked about the security of our website – that seems to be the number one concern.” A number of important steps have been taken to ensure users’ privacy on the website: ?The personal data of every member is collected at registration. This personal data includes the name, location, contact details, and current photo of the member, which are needed for identifying him/her. Some aggregated data, which does not disclose the true identity of that member also needs to be included in the member’s profile. Many users prefer to display only the aggregated data in their online profiles, instead of their actual personal information. ? never discloses the personal data of the members without their prior permission. The personal information is used only for providing better dating services and to manage the account of the user. Better customer service and relationships with other chosen members is achieved by selective use of some personal data. ?BiCupid forbids the posting of any nude pictures on this website, which may be misused against members. Members are strictly instructed not to upload or send any obscene pictures, which can disturb other members. Any breach of contract may result in the termination of membership of a member who is found guilty. As there are currently more than one million members, all are requested to report any wrong behavior of the other fellow members towards them. ?There are advanced privacy settings that prevent any misuse of members’ personal information, to ensure users’ privacy security. The members can discreetly decide who can see their profiles and who should be blocked from viewing their profiles. They also hold the right to block certain information in their profiles from the general view of other members, mainly their names and photos, until they want to show this information to selected members who may be chosen for dating. ?Since registration in this dating site involves the Facebook account of every member, it becomes easier to verify their details in the sign-up form. So there is much lesser chance of having fraudulent members who can pose a threat to other members, mainly females. According to BiCupid, all adequate preventive measures have been taken for stopping unwanted hackers from stealing members’ information from the dating site, making the members fully secure while using the website. For more information, visit the website at

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