VAIO Introduces the VAIO® SX14 based on its new standards for laptops with larger screen size, lighter weight and higher speed

GARDENA, CA – 03-06-2019 ( — VAIO has released a new made-in-Japan, large-screen laptop PC named the VAIO SX14 that sets a new standard for VAIO computers. VAIO Corporation, celebrating its 5th year anniversary in 2019, has combined its new standards in the VAIO SX14 with its continued pursuit of craftsmanship and technology advancement aiming to deliver a pleasing experience to every customer.

In order to provide the same efficiency in the mobile environment based on the concepts of stress-free and location-free computing, VAIO has improved its structural robustness and connectivity.  In addition, the VAIO SX14 features an expanded work through thin bezel design. As a first for VAIO, it offers a 14-inch 4K Ultra HD screen, in a footprint similar to its predecessor, the VAIO®S13. Through the implementation of a carbon wall top plate design, it is also lighter than the VAIO S13.  

Functions indispensable for realizing high mobility such as charging performance and connectivity have been strengthened without compromise.   For those looking for the highest quality VAIO available, the VAIO SX14 | ALL BLACK EDITION combines a designer black colored appearance with the highest VAIO hardware configuration available.

While keeping a similar footprint and thinness as its predecessor, the SX14 offers a larger, higher quality 14-inch screen.  Making it easier to read text and more comfortable to the eyes.  

VAIO introduces its “carbon wall top plate” design, reducing the SX14’s weight to 2.32 lbs.  

The new lightweight champion 
Normally a larger screen with a narrow bezel design leads directly to a significant increase in weight. To offset this, VAIO has introduced a “carbon wall top plate” design using a new type of UD carbon fiber jointly developed with TORAY.  As a result, the SX14 chassis is 30% lighter and more robust than the magnesium alloy chassis used in the S13, achieving an ultra-lightweight body of 2.32 lbs. (1,050 grams)  
Note: Weight varies on configuration

The SX14’s peripheral connections and charging functions realize higher mobility.  

Mobility is maximized by leaving the dongles at home.  
The SX14 offers a full set of connection including USB Type-C ™.  In addition to an HDMI terminal (4K output), a VGA terminal (analog RGB output) and an RJ45 ethernet cable connection, this model also includes USB Type-C, the latest standard multi interface terminal.  
?It is not possible to use  VGA and Type-C DP terminal simultaneously as external monitor output. When connected at the same time, the output to the external monitor connected to the USB Type-C takes precedence.

2-way charging, the SX14 can be charged through its AC adapter or a 5V DC charger.  

Wait, that USB port can charge my laptop?
Securing your charging environment is essential for mobility. In addition to the bundled AC adapter that now supports quick-charge, the SX14 also supports charging from a 5V DC source such as a smartphone power bank through the USB Type-C terminal.  
Note: In the case of 5V DC charging, there are cases where the power consumption exceeds the power supply depending on the usage situation. Not all 5V DC sources are supported.  

Even with a narrow frame design, communication performance is optimized due to antenna placement.  

We put the antenna on top, where it should be.  
VAIO emphasizes the comfort of high-performance connectivity. To achieve this, VAIO has designed the antenna to be built into the top of the screen. This is usually difficult to balance in a narrow frame design but VAIO engineers has overcome this limitation through new layout designs and parts.  

VAIO goes over the top with performance and design.  

See more and do more with the SX14 4K Ultra HD screen. 
The SX14 4K UHD screen is most suitable for those users who want to perform detailed work on a laptop. The 4K screen suppress eye fatigue and adopts anti-glare liquid crystal specifications which make the screen easier to view without reflection, indoors or outdoors. Users can read text easily and clearly. The large size high definition screen can increase your productivity.

VAIO TruePerformance pushes it beyond the limits 

VAIO TruePerformace incorporates a quad-core, 8-thread CPU using the latest 8th generation Intel® Core ™ U Processor line of chips, which dramatically improves performance over the 7th generation chips. In addition, VAIO’s unique tuning technology called VAIO TruePerformace further improves this performance. When enabled, VAIO TruePerformce increases performance by 25% in the Intel Core i7 model and by 15% in the Intel Core i5 model.  
Notes: Testing done by VAIO using CineBench version

  What is VAIO TruePerformace?  
Intel CPUs, such as the Core i7 adopted by VAIO, have “Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0” installed, which enhances performance at peak usage. However, the period during which maximum performance can be maintained is limited by power consumption and temperature, and the performance will degrade. “VAIO TruePerformance” is proprietary tuning technology designed to maintain higher performance for a longer period by increasing CPU power limits and more efficiently eliminating heat. 
  • No compromises, even with the colors.  

    Very popular in Japan, VAIO introduces the brown color to the US market.  In contrast with existing brown color laptops, the VAIO brown shines like gold with an exquisite balance of glamor and calmness. In addition to brown, the SX14 comes in black, silver and a premium line of limited RED EDITION and ALL BLACK EDITION models.  

    And that’s not all.  

    VAIO’s commitment to producing a pleasurable computing experience drives its commitment to quality manufacturing.  

    ? Made in Japan. In order to realize ideal quality and precise manufacturing without compromise, VAIO develops is major parts in collaboration with Japanese domestic manufactures with can deliver superior technology.  The SX14 manufacturing process takes place at the head office factory in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.  
    ? The SX14 has adopted a “quite keyboard” which can reduce typing noise.
    ? Its smooth and high precision no-miss touchpad reduces operation mistakes.  
    ? The tops of the keys use fluorine-based UV cured paint which can endure long-term wear and tear.  
    ? The SX14 adopts a tilt-up hinge structure that lifts the back of the keyboard during use. This reduces palm fatigue caused by long hours of typing.  
    ? A fingerprint authentication sensor compatible with Windows Hello is built-in.  
    ? VAIO put the SX14 through a series of endurance quality tests including the keyboard pen pinching test and the 180-degree open screen bend back test.  

    Battery Stamina and Speed Charging are key to mobility.  

    ? The SX14 can be used up to 7.75 hours on battery power.  
    ? VAIO Battery care function is installed to suppress battery deterioration.  

    Notes:  Charging time up the 7.5 hours when using the 5V/1.5A DC USB Type-C terminal when laptop is turned off.  Charging time may vary depending on usage situation.  

    Pricing for the new VAIO SX14 with VAIO TruePerformance starts at $1,299. The new VAIO SX14 models will be available through, authorized resellers and select partner retailers. The VAIO SX14 will available for order starting early March 2018.  

    Additional information, including a full list of specifications can be found at  

    About VAIO Corporation

  • VAIO Corporation, which inherited the VAIO PC business from Sony Corporation, was established on July 1, 2014, headquartered in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture. VAIO Corporation is dedicated to planning design, development, manufacturing and sale of PCs and related products labeled with the VAIO trademark.  

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    VAIO TruePerformance testing done by VAIO Corporation. The results may vary depending on your environment.

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