Historical Fantasy Book Loki of Midgard: The Making of a Magician Launched on Kickstarter

Edgewood, New Mexico – 03-07-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — This is the first book in a series about Loki on Earth during the Roaring Twenties.

Author Jennifer Meinking has launched her Kickstarter campaign to raise the rest of her publishing costs for the publication of her first novel, Loki of Midgard: The Making of a Magician. This book is the first of an historical fantasy series about Loki, a modern-day adaptation of the mischievous god of Norse mythology.

Meinking’s book is set in the 1920’s, a surprising setting for a Norse god. Why write a series about Loki in the Roaring Twenties?

“Well, why not?” says Meinking. “I fell in love with the Marvel version of Loki fairly early on in his cinematic debut. Thanks to the incredible performance of Tom Hiddleston, I felt like I could see right into Loki’s soul. Every movie appearance showed me more of how misunderstood and so very human he was. I saw a tenderness he tried to hide, the strong possibility he knew exactly what it meant to have loved and lost, and even a magnetic attraction that drew humans to him. His richness, darkness, pain, and complications fascinated me, as they do all Loki fans.”

Meinking continues, “After a movie marathon weekend with my oldest daughter, she expressed interest in hearing more of Loki’s story, beyond Marvel’s development of the character. I started writing a fanfiction for her in September 2018, something I had never done. I began to study Norse mythology and the Roaring Twenties, leading me on an unexpected journey to create this book series, which is no longer a fanfiction, but could be easily grafted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, should they ever be interested in my material. Though I have wanted to be a published author for over twenty years, I had never pursued that dream until now. It still surprises me how far I’ve come in such a short time!”

Meinking has chosen to self publish to retain her creative control as an author and to speed up the process so her readers do not have to wait the year or more it can take with a traditional publisher. Her Kickstarter campaign features rewards of “Loki Loot,” t-shirts, keychains, mouse pads, and other memorabilia featuring the cover art for the book. Meinking also has some unusual rewards, including original art from the author and a Roaring Twenties virtual tour of some of the European cities featured in the book.


Jennifer Meinking is a serial entrepreneur, a mother of nine and a woman with an overactive imagination, a thirst for adventure, and a life that is rarely boring.


To learn more about Loki of Midgard: The Making of a Magician check out the Kickstarter campaign, http://kck.st/2TeUzSv and Jennifer Meinking’s website, http://www.jennifermeinking.com/.

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