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VANCOUVER, BC – 03-07-2019 ( — MergeBase launches a powerful cybersecurity tool that secures an organization’s software supply chain. MergeBase has demonstrated best-in-class detection of vulnerabilities in application software and adds unique risk mitigation options not provided by any other tool. 

Software is the new oil that fuels organizations across the globe. Managing the software supply chain is critical and security is integral to this process. There are many instances from the Panama papers to Equifax where software supply chain compromises caused devastating effects for organizations and individuals. Cyber-attacks on application software are now the single largest cause of data breaches. MergeBase is the best solution to protect the security of your software supply chain. It provides the most accurate detection of known vulnerabilities in the software supply chain and arms the organization with a number of mitigation options that go beyond those of existing tools in the market. Most tools in market rely on the organization promptly patching all discovered vulnerabilities. That might be possible for operating systems and hardware, but in most instances that is not a realistic option for business applications. MergeBase solves this problem by providing additional options, such as the ability to monitor vulnerable code usage and to potentially block that code from executing.MergeBase is working with organizations that are very much at risk such as financial services and critical infrastructure providers, in order refine the solution and provide an easy integration path. Whether the organization is small, or large, is developing its software in-house, or buys it, MergeBase is easy to apply and will dramatically increase the protection of the software supply chain that is fueling the business. About MergeBase Software Inc. MergeBase provides new technology to protect the software supply chain. MergeBase is located in the Pacific Northwest and provides cyber security services to enterprises and governments in North America. Its mission is to secure the software supply chain with a focus on organizations most likely to be targeted by cyber criminals, such as financial services, ecommerce and critical infrastructure. To learn more about MergeBase, visit its website below or contact MergeBase via email. Contact MergeBase Software Inc.Website:           https://www. mergebase.comemail:               [email protected]

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