Loyality platform now offers Physical Gift Cards

USA – 03-11-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Neves Software Inc. Is pleased to announce our first upgrade to the Loyality platform. Loyality was launched in October 2018 and as a SAAS solution to help businesses market their products. Loyality features support for gift cards, vouchers, loyalty programs, and in-app messaging. Now, Loyality is announcing an update to this powerful service that adds to the already established capabilities of the platform, which includes upgrades to the gift card management capabilities so that customers can order physical gift cards.

 Along with the physical gift card management system, an upgrade to the Loyality app has also been released. The app now allows customers to add their physical gift cards into the app just by reading the QR code on the plastic card into the app. “Loyality is designed to maximize the flexibility of our services so that our business customers don’t need to clutter up their wallet with a bunch of plastic gift cards, but still offers merchants the ability to place them on the counter for their customers to buy” Says Philip Neves President and CEO of Neves Software Inc., the company that created Loyality.
Using the Loyality app can give a great deal of flexibility to what a parent has when it comes to giving money to their children to buy things that they need. With the ability to add a gift card to an app, a parent, for instance, can read a gift card into the app and use the app to load up the gift card. They can now give the plastic gift card to their children, and their children  will be able to use this card to buy whatever they need without their parents being there.  It can also help kids stave off the schoolyard bullies, by preventing these bullies from stealing their kid’s lunch money.
Loyality also provides vouchers, loyalty programs and mobile messaging. It has so many upcoming features making the platform one of the most sophisticated systems for business promotion available. The primary focus of Neves Software is to create a software system that companies can use in their business promotions as they please. Philip Neves, also stated “At the end of the day we will provide the best possible system for merchants to use with the best possible user experience. However, I’m sure that the creativity of my company will pale in comparison to how my customers use my platform. I’m excited to see how people use this software platform to promote and grow their businesses. I’m going to do what it takes to make it happen.” The retail business has had a hard time in recent years with the development of large online retailers, who are able to underprice their competition. These large competitors don’t have to maintain bricks and mortar storefront; they just have a warehouse that ships goods all over the world. To compete with smaller retailers, they need to maintain their loyal customers by providing better service and offering unique deals that their customers can’t get  elsewhere. By offering a customer a better experience, smaller retailers can usually beat their online competition.  Loyality is positioned to allow small retailers to bridge the gap between what happens online and what happens in their stores.
How does a small brick and mortar store provide a better customer experience? First small retailers can try to offer higher quality products. But more importantly, providing support for their customers when they  buy a product.  When an item breaks down, often, customers are faced with the issue of whether the goods they bought can’t be fixed because the company who sold them the item doesn’t offer that support. Something similar also happens with online sales. Most times when a customer buys something online like a virtual gift card or vouchers, the cashier doesn’t always have the ability to sell a similar virtual gift card or voucher at the cash register, they  tell the customer to go online and buy that item there. However, Loyality makes that limited approach of offering services to customers  obsolete. With this, the cashier can easily go into the Loyality merchant portal and issue a voucher, virtual gift card, loyalty stamp card, or even a loyalty point’s account. They can send that gift card directly to the customer’s phone or the person the gift is for through email or SMS.  What’s more, is the email, and SMS message also comes with the link for the Loyality app so that the customers can download the app in their phones immediately and store the item in their virtual wallet. Furthermore, the customer isn’t required to type some weird URL into their mobile device, because the link to add the item into their app as the link is already in the email as well. With Loyality merchants we can customize your promotional products to how you deem fit. They can create a custom gift card design, a custom voucher design, and customize your loyalty stamp card for better branding capabilities. It provides you with what you need so that you can offer your customers a consistent look across all your promotions. They can set the purchase amount for gift cards, and vouchers. The merchant gets to choose how the company interacts with the product or service.  Any gift card, voucher or loyalty program created using the Loyality platform belongs to the merchant. The merchant sets the terms, and this is unlike most other loyalty programs where the loyalty company sets the terms. Customers taking advantage of a merchant’s loyalty program belongs to the merchant, not some obscure Loyalty Company attached to a credit card.If you are looking for more information about Loyality or about gift cards and loyalty programs in general visit https://loyality.app for more information.

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