Opioid Deaths In America – Prevention Is Possible By Implementing Alternative Medical Protocols

HOUSTON TX – 03-20-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Dr Suhyun An of The Campbell Medical Group is the featured speaker at events that highlight alternatives to opioid use in medicine. She is making it her mission to help patients eliminate the danger of potential addiction from using opioids and other addictive painkillers even once. 




I want the world to know that there are alternatives that do not put patients lives at risk. Approximately 1000 people die every week in this country from addiction related issues and many of these deaths were preceded by a simple prescription from a well-intentioned healthcare provider. The problem is that a Dr cannot predict who is susceptible to addiction and who is not. So every prescription written can unfortunately be like a game or Russian roulette…said Dr An.


The statistics are horrifying, 80% of those who use heroin, first misused prescription drugs. Many people have a rather dismal mental image of a person that misuses prescription narcotics but the truth is that many of these people are just like your neighbors, co-workers and the friends of your children.  


A contributing factor to the 30% increase in overdose in recent years is that painkillers release endorphins, the brains feel good neurotransmitters. They hide your pain and make you feel euphoric but as they wear off, your body requires more. Over time, you need a higher dose to achieve the same pain relief and euphoria brought on by the endorphins.


Healthcare providers know the dangers of opioid abuse and are reluctant to prescribe a higher dose or even refill the prescription – and this is when many good people turn to street drugs like heroin and fentanyl.

So, what’s the alternative to addictive painkillers? 

Many patients who suffer an injury, several examples of which are: a rotator cuff injury, hip pain, a back injury or simple age-related degradation of muscle, other tissue, bone etc. are prescribed painkillers. The prescription may be issued pre surgery to help alleviate acute pain or post surgery for post surgical pain management.  


There are many instances where surgery could have been avoided entirely by utilizing regenerative tissue injections.  These injections contain significant natural growth factors and mesenchymal stem cells that help the body heal from an injury or condition brought about by aging without the need for painkillers or surgery. There are documented results for people suffering from arthritis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia and other conditions as well.  Not everyone is a candidate for these treatments and there may be circumstances such as with a broken bone where stem cell treatments are not the best initial treatment option. But, for many people, they provide an alternative to the risky use of potentially addictive painkillers.


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