Frequency Launches Studio

United States, California, Los Angeles – 03-21-2019 ( — A collaborative platform with linear channel creation, bringing hundreds of content providers and the world’s leading video distributors together in a single ecosystem

Frequency today announced the launch of Studio, a suite of cloud software services and tools designed and built from the ground up to power both traditional and OTT video services, with on demand and now with linear channels. Studio represents Frequency’s commitment to enable any content producer and any video distributor to deliver and monetize unique video experiences for their viewers, and to do so in a single collaborative environment.


The key new product launching as part of the Studio suite is Frequency’s 100% cloud-based linear scheduling and playout system. Studio reimagines linear scheduling and playout with seamless, content-centric workflows that minimize the time spent on repetitive tasks and enable the creation of broadcast-quality channels in hours.


Studio’s key differentiators:

  • Integrated suite of tools serving both content providers and distributors to manage, package, and distribute VOD and linear channels
  • A fully-featured broadcast scheduling system
  • Access to Frequency’s distribution footprint of over 15m households


Frequency founder and CEO, Blair Harrison, said, “as more viewers get their TV over-the-top, the key to giving them a great content experience is to offer them more choice. Studio was built to connect video creators with distributors as frictionlessly as possible. The rapid growth of free ad-supported TV services (FASTs) is fueled by new channels finding new audiences. Studio is at the center of this. Empowering the next generation of broadcasters.”


Over 100 digital video providers, and many of the world’s leading TV operators use Frequency today to deliver next generation video services to over 15 million viewers. Studio is a shared ecosystem where content creators and distributors collaborate.


“Liberty Global has been at the forefront of integrating OTT services and apps on our platform to give our customers the entertainment and TV programs they love, when they want them,” said Enrique Rodriguez, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of Liberty Global. “With the help of Frequency Studio, our subscribers get access to professional online video content, integrated into our ‘Horizon 4’ next-generation TV experience. Personalized streams of content are available via the set-top box and via our Horizon GO mobile app platform, complementing our VOD or Replay TV programs. We’ve received great customer feedback in the markets where we have launched this service as part of Horizon 4.”


Frequency will be showing Studio at NAB 2019. If you’re interested in meeting or scheduling a demo, please email George Rausch at


About Frequency

Frequency is a software company based in Los Angeles. Frequency powers over 100 leading digital video networks, and many of the world’s leading pay TV operators.

Frequency builds and operates Studio, a software platform that brings the creators and distributors of video together. Studio was conceived and built as the first completely cloud-based platform that brings all participants in the video ecosystem together into the same place. Studio is a set of services and tools that manages the whole video pipeline from logistics to presentation and monetization.

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