Tracking baby-care action; feeding, changing diapers, and shooting baby video. It is for baby health care and hastening baby-care to family members.

United States, California, El Segundo – 03-21-2019 ( — viv Limited (Location: Los Angeles?CEO: Kyo Ueda) that is running “project of visualizing child’s mind by baby’s facial expression and body information” releases the sharing baby-care activities to family members app “BabyLook” on March 21st.


On this service, we clear baby-care problems that mothers’ anxiety of baby-care such as unvisualizing baby’s health problems and lacking support from family members are the cross-border problems with alliance with research institution of UCLA, HKUST, Renmin University in China, Kobe University in Japan, and over 200 kindergartens, nursery schools, and child institutions. Eventually, we actualization the solution of this problem by the app that can track baby-care information and hasten baby-care to family members.


“BabyLook” is a baby-care information tracking type of family SNS app which targets are sudden expansion markets: “baby technology” and “artificial intelligence”. BabyLook can be hastening baby-care to family members and stronger family bond via tracking daily baby-care actions.



BabyLook can track 7 baby-care actions; Mood, Breastfeeding, Pumping, Bottle, Changing diaper, Sleep, and Physical information. That information visualizes a baby’s daily trend, and it can detect the extraordinary baby condition. In addition, preventing to overlook important baby’s routine by alerting function.


Family SNS

Timeline screen is shared baby-care activities. 7 baby-care information are in the screen, and it shares to all family members. Each information has “Like” button; thus, family members can share “Like” for the actions. A parent who usually takes care her baby recognizes other members also care about her baby, so she can dissolve loneliness and anxiety. Moreover, it makes to identify with all family members, and they share the baby’s growth visually by video. Furthermore, “Babycare rate” shows who take care of their baby most, so it figures out deviation of baby-care support.


Backbone system

Viv Limited is running “project of visualizing child’s mind by baby’s facial expression and body information” with UCLA(US), HKUST(Hong Kong), Renmin University in China, Kobe University(Japan), and over 200 kindergartens, nursery schools, and child institutions. In this project, we discovered a correlation between child’s expression and trending development; development speed and dissimilarity by setting up cameras in the kindergartens. We published a paper on this and applied for a patent of this in 2018. BabyLook unwinds the service from the outcome to consumers. Moreover, BabyLook will forecast a child’s development trend and support baby-care by artificial intelligence to use bigdata of anonymous baby information.    



BabyLook will offer our service to not only ordinary homes but also upbringing organizations and research institutions by creating a platform of baby-care support from 2020. In addition, we will collect big data and improve the quality of solution by many baby technology devices connect to IOT. Eventually, we are planning to expand baby-care economic bloc as a blockchain.

Viv Limited based in Los Angeles, US. We intend to 1 million fundraising in 2019.


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