Stugo: An IOS App That Offers Recording Studios On Demand For An Easy Method To Record Music.

United States, California, Los Angeles – 03-27-2019 ( — Stugo is a new IOS app that offers a simple way to connect with potential recording studios both on the road (mobile studios) offered by Stugo and you’re local studios in your neighborhood in any city, allowing you to take a step back from scheduling studios yourself and finding a way to get there. Stugo brings the recording studio to you for an affordable premium price. Owners of a studio are able to generate revenue without the headaches, by claiming their listings and offering studios to their clients.

 Stugo plans to launch a fleet of mobile studios in all major cities (New York City, Miami, Dallas)  across nation.It’s the most convenient and cost-effective way to book a recording studio. Instead of having to look around for a recording studio that is already booked, you can simply download the app, look for studios nearby, and then simply start getting your session locked in! At this time Stugo will be offering MOBILE STUDIOS in Los Angeles only, but Stugo offers and showcases hundreds of recording studios across the nation. Not only does Stugo provide studios on demand through the app, members can add their studios and review them.Let’s be honest. The problem with most directories, while highly functional, is that many of them aren’t very pretty, functioning and don’t offer on demand mobile services for a recording studio. We match great prices for on demand studio time with fantastic functionality and design. Being a tech startup that offers on-demand services from recording studios for all types of musicians, producers and creatives, as Stugo just launched, we will be looking forward to servicing your area, if there are no studios listed in your area, feel free to contact us with any suggestions or even add your own studio.

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