Committing to Charity for A Positive Change Phoenix Dream Foundation Sow the Seeds of Love and Helps Children Dream Big.

United States, New York – 03-30-2019 ( — Recently, Phoenix Wealth Management launched the “Phoenix Dream Foundation” in March this year, and is now officially accepting applications for aid and support from institutions and individuals from all over the world.


Social welfare has always been one of the focus since the establishment of the Phoenix Wealth Management. The company has upheld the spirit of “giving back to the society” and effectively used the resources of company to practice corporate social responsibility (CSR), invest in public welfare and contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment. Since 2014, the company has taken the lead in setting up a CSR team to promote a series of CSR activities including financial donations, charitable financial services, and employee community volunteer services. In March of this year, Phoenix Wealth Management officially established the “Phoenix Dream Foundation”.

Phoenix Dream Foundation is a non-profit, non-political, public charitable trust and provides comprehensive aid and care to underprivileged children, of all ages and academic levels. Such aid and care includes food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education and education supplies.


Mr. Stan Garner, CEO of Phoenix Wealth Management shared that the Phoenix Dream Foundation has been a work in progress plan since the establishment of the company. Since its official launch in March this year, it will give priority to the current and future needs of children and youth in the Asia-Pacific region. In mid-March, Phoenix will work hand in hand with the Shenzhen Care Action Foundation to care for the left-behind children as part of the “Left-behind Children Care Campaign”, held in Hunan, China. Up to now, institutions from Myanmar, Japan, Taiwan, China, Laos and other regions have gotten in touch with the Phoenix Dream Foundation. Phoenix Wealth Management will continue to carry out charity activities in various places to help more children in need.


Mr. Stan Garner also said: “We have been thinking about how we can really help those in need, and what methods can be deployed to help them most directly. We decided that we would do it ourselves instead of through other welfare groups or institutions. “ This is why we established the Phoenix Dream Foundation. Through our large resource and network of information from our employees and clients around the world, we will be able to obtain first-hand information to be in touch with those in need and to conduct an aid assessment. With this we can accurately provide the required resources to children and youth in need. 


Phoenix Wealth Management hope that through the power of the Phoenix Dream Foundation, more underprivileged children can have sufficient resources to escape poverty successfully. We also hope that through the activities that we do to spread good, we can influence more individuals and companies to join us in doing our part for the society and to make the world a better place through our actions. 

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