BroCo Holdings Announces Acquisition of Optimal Precision Partners

HOUSTON, TX – 04-02-2019 ( — BroCo Holdings, LLC (“BroCo”), a Houston-based specialty consulting and advisory services firm, announced today that one of its affiliate subsidiary companies has acquired Optimal Precision Partners, LLC (“OPP” or the “Company”), a leading manufacturer and supplier of sand bags in the United States.  Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“We are excited about this new acquisition and the continued growth of the BroCo family of companies,” said Dwayne Breaux, Partner and Chief Executive Officer of BroCo.  “OPP is an incredible organization with solid fundamentals for continued growth by focusing on delivering the best product and service to its customers every day.”

OPP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sand bags in the United States for use in the oil and gas, pipeline, construction, and associated industries. OPP offers onsite manufacturing through its unique mobile sand bag production facilities anywhere in the United States.Currently, the Company can produce in excess of 18,000 sand bags per day per machine.  OPP’s goal is to offer their clients an efficient and thus cost-effective delivery of product by locating the manufacturing near the end use sites.

BroCo provided advisory and consulting services to its subsidiary with a goal of acquiring and expanding the OPP business.  As a result, BroCo developed necessary marketing and due diligence materials and helped secure private investor capital to support the acquisition and the continued growth of OPP.  Additionally, BroCo has been retained to provide ongoing support of the OPP business.


About BroCo Holdings, LLC

BroCo is a business solutions consulting firm that focuses on enhancing stakeholder value through hands-on active engagement in a company’s business. Specifically, BroCo engages in three core areas of Business Management Consulting and Process Improvement, Active Business Management, and Sell-Side Advisory and Consulting Services.  BroCo was created to provide aggressive small companies with back office support, process improvement, access to financial resources, and vertical integration strategies to help these companies achieve greater stakeholder return.  The BroCo team brings over five decades of proven experience in identifying, developing, and growing businesses with the ability to introduce the financial expansion tools, processes and procedures, and targeted growth initiatives to help further small business success. 

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