United States, New York – 04-02-2019 ( — CLUB RAT$ is the new multi-award-winning film, being recognized for the cognizant yet controversial social justice piece regarding the month of April’s cause for awareness — sexual assault. 

 Inversion on a long-time issue of male dominated sexual assault, CLUB RAT$ short film focuses on a vigilante group providing a stark contrast to the statistics in the female perspective. Told through the lens of an emotional assault to mirror physical acts of violence inflicted upon women, it captures a piece of the “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” movements – and it speaks volumes. A clear diction for justice has brought award-winning attention from multiple film festivals to the movie in 2018 including, the New York Chelsea Film Festival honoring the Special Jury Award and Seattle’s Post Alley Film Festival honoring the Outstanding Award.A step forward on the uphill battle on accountability, this smart piece is a triumph for victims of a sexual assault experience everywhere.  Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network and 91% of those assaults are inflicted on females according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.  These facts, along with emerging narratives around The Brock Turner case, ignited further momentum for the film which was in the production stages during the breaking of the Harvey Weinstein offenses. CLUB RAT$ is directed by Jeni Jones and is predominantly a female cast and crew who aim high on activism solely and in partnership with Tyler Ham Pong of Kill The Pig Productions. The team’s mission to end rape culture has spanned beyond the screen to support RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. So far, they have raised and donated $1,100 to RAINN to further help survivors.Co-creator and actress in CLUB RAT$, Jamie Miller says, “The judges of Post Alley Film Festival shared that they were looking for the Outstanding Award to go to a film that made a political statement about rape and sexual abuse, particularly germane to recent social and political events and discoveries.” She continues, “Our whole team is humbled and honored that our message and contribution towards the Time’s Up movement is being heard.”Co-creator and actress in CLUB RAT$, Danene Montella shares, “We were inspired to create a short film that flips rape culture on its ugly head by turning the toxic justifications made for date rape on sexual predators. It’s remarkable to feel the waves of support for our story that empowers survivors and we look forward to an opportunity to develop this into a full-length feature, with hopes that it will be a thought-provoking and insightful medium to help end rape culture.”To speak further with the co-creators, Danene Montella and Jamie Miller, on their future vision for CLUB RAT$, please contact Valerie Bendish at [email protected].  For further information regarding CLUB RAT$ please visit,, and to watch the short film in full visit, More information on sexual assault prevention available at, Donations to the team’s violence prevention and awareness fundraising page please visit,’S NOTE: For more information about on CLUB RAT$ or on the creators Danene Montella and Jamie Miller, director, Jeni Jones, and producer Tyler Ham Pong of Kill The Pig Productions please contact Valerie Bendish by phone at, (973) 975-3236 or e-mail at, [email protected]

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