Second Heart Assist Announces Successful First Demo of Wireless Powered Circulatory Assist Pump Aortic Stent

United States, Utah, Salt Lake City – 04-02-2019 ( — Second Heart Assist, Inc. together with the Queensland University of Technology shared a video  today of a demo test run of their patented groundbreaking wireless heart powered circulatory assist pump aortic stent. Following years of development since filing of the original pioneering patent back in July 11th, 2011 the team is delighted to share this milestone. 

Here’s the video:


This is the first successful demo of a true aortic stent based circulatory assist pump designed to be placed via a true percutaneous entry through the femoral artery to the lower aorta with high radial force spring elements and shape conformance designed to reasonably ensure that the high flow pump remains fixated in the intended position avoiding migration upwards or downwards without the need for potentially dangerous and fragile hooks used in other systems.  

This aortic stent circulatory assist pump implanted just above the renal arteries in the aorta presents a potential mechanical solution for millions of patients in cardio renal dysfunction and need to remove excess fluids, especially those that are diuretic resistant, and need to revive their kidney. Thousands more may benefit who are undergoing complex high risk PCI procedures where their kidneys are at risk for injury or failure.  All circulatory assist pumps currently on the market in the USA require connection to a drive wire coming out of their bodies to an external power source. These patients are highly vulnerable to device-related infections and due to being essentially bed bound truly suffer a major reduction in quality of life, two issues that represent major challenges to extended circulatory assist device use.  The Second Heart Assist device because of occupying 110% of the aorta (stent distends aorta 2mms) is able to turn at lower RPMs than most other systems thus potentially reducing wireless power demands which in turn should reduce skin irritations which have been a problem due to high energy transfer requirements with previous wireless powered chronic implants.

“This demo establishes well the feasibility of powering the Second Heart Assist circulatory assist pump wirelessly within a secure self fixating aortic stent. We look forward to working with the team to advance this research further.” states  Dr. Mahinda Vilathgamuwa Queensland University of Technology, Professor in Power Engineering, Science and Engineering Faculty, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Another major issue that has been an Achilles heel to chronic circulatory assist pumps is thrombosis (blood clot formation).  The Second Heart Assist, Inc. team has patent pending potentially revolutionary harmonic tuned vibrational resonance technology designed to reduce the risk of blood clot formation on chronic devices.  A similar technology developed by the core team members has already been tested with success in large animals for use in intravascular lung catheters and now will be tested again with this specific application of use.  

“A chronic circulatory assist support wireless power option without skin irritation, blood clot risk or migration worries would, if proven safe, truly be a desired alternative for both caring physicians and patients alike.”  states Dr. Leslie Miller, Chief Medical Officer, Second Heart Assist, Inc. 

“During multiple expert panel meetings with over 20 leading heart failure department chairs we have heard their hail call for industry to deliver a product that untethers the patient from being attached to external power and drive sources, and that can be delivered percutaneously without surgery, our highly focused team is working around the clock to deliver what their patients need as they have requested.” stated Jeff Donofrio, President, Second Heart Assist, Inc. 

About Second Heart Assist, Inc:   A Utah C corporation formed in 2015 focused on developing temporary and chronic aorta positioned circulatory assist devices designed to feature a migration resistant aortic stent, low RPMs impeller, maintenance of pulsaltility and reduction of blood clot risk with tuned harmonic vibrational resonance technology.  The Second Heart Assist team has Institutional Review Board approval to begin clinical evaluations in select OUS locations and plans to soon being clinical studies of its first generation product once additional pre-clinical tests pending are completed and other regulatory clearances are obtained.   See

About Leonhardt’s Launchpads:   The innovation and startup accelerator arm of Leonhardt Ventures focused exclusively on organ regeneration and recovery technologies.  See

Disclaimer:  All product developments mentioned are early stage and unproven yet to be either safe or effective.  Any product performance claims implied are not meant to be absolute or deemed proven via statistically significant and powered evaluations. These are early stage optimistic observations only. The company may not have the resources to fully develop these products. Any patents licensed, issued or pending may not be kept active or held.  Any strategic partnerships mentioned may not be maintained.  Any forward looking or positive inclination statements may be subject to change forward without notice.  This communication reflects the optimism of founders and developers only.  As an investment this startup must be considered very high risk not suitable for many and restricted to verified accredited and sophisticated experienced investors only at this time able to bear a full loss. A substantial portion of the engaged team derives sources of income from other sources and may not be fully focused on accomplishing the goals of the organization which may impede or delay progress.  The technologies mentioned herein have not yet been proven to be either safe or effective.  Any timelines mentioned may take significantly longer, even years, than originally anticipated due to a variety of reasons or setbacks in development. 

The Second Heart Assist team announced in the spring of 2017 the licensing of a series of patents from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, CA – the first of the series of their own filed patents June of 2017 for preventing blood clot formations  – + wireless power patent license in 2018 – as well as an auto regulation and two aorta stent pumps in series patent pending –


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