Crown Financial Launches a Groundbreaking No Term Business Funding Contract

United States, Texas, Houston – 04-23-2019 ( — Crown Financial, a Houston-based business funding provider, has set a new industry standard for factoring services with the introduction of their no term contract. The company’s new direction promotes honest and transparent business partnerships, distinguishing them from their industry competitors.

Traditionally, factoring companies require a 1 to 2-year minimum commitment, pressuring the customer to factor all accounts receivable during that term. However, Crown Financial has taken a more modern approach with the no term contract, giving customers the freedom to choose which invoices they factor and how often they factor them. Crown’s customers have experienced tremendous benefits in utilizing the flexibility of their business funding, specifically increased cash flow, profit margins, productivity and growth.

When asked about the impact the no term contract has had on their customers, Chad Tribe, Principal of Crown Financial said, “Our customers continue to stay with us year after year because they understand the value we add to their operations. Our revolutionary factoring contract proves that we are continually improving our processes and working hard to earn their business every day.” Cash flow concerns are common business hurdles to overcome. Fortunately, Crown Financial’s innovative funding process has created an authentic and more enjoyable experience for the business owner.

Crown Financial is a Houston-based business funding provider, specializing in accounts receivable factoring, government factoring and invoice factoring for clients ranging from entrepreneurs to major national corporations in a wide range of industries throughout the United States. Crown can factor lines up to 25 million in as little as one day and offers highly competitive rates. For additional information visit

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