A-Series Waterjet Delivers Big for Small Business

Canada – 04-24-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — The recently relaunched A-Series waterjet from WARDJet is a cost-effective solution that provides small business the same versatility found in larger machines. Cutting at 60,000 psi allows more parts to be cut for less, outshining the competition as an industrial-grade waterjet. For a small business owner, this is a critical factor to success. Another point to consider is the fast start-up. With a quick install and easy-to-use Move™ software, setting up and cutting parts occurs with minimal time wasted. Equipped with the same cutting power as most industrial waterjets, the A-Series does not compromise on functionality.


Small business will appreciate how easily the A-Series fits into their existing production workflow. For shops that are already using equipment like a vertical machining center, small laser or router, the A-Series makes a welcome addition that offers the same quality and precision expected from a larger machine. 

Other benefits include:

  • Increases productivity – With the Integrated Feed System, the abrasive flows continuously into the hopper. This saves the operator valuable time by eliminating the need to interrupt the cutting process to replenish the abrasive when it runs out.
  • Eliminates manual abrasive removal – Removing the abrasive is automated with the Optional SmartRemove Abrasive System. Manually shoveling the abrasive out of the tank is now a thing of the past.
  • Cuts thicker material – Cut up to 7 inches thick with a simple repositioning of the cutting head.
  • Prevents flooding/messy spills – The enclosure directs water and abrasive down into the tank due to its unique overlapping design, keeping workspaces clean and dry.
  • Reduces part maintenance – Designing the unit with the drive system placed behind the gantry and side beams outside of the tanks means less wear and tear on the parts, extending the longevity of the system.



For small spaces, trying to fit in a waterjet can be problematic. The A-Series’ design allows it to operate close to a wall, reducing the overall working area. It’s also one of the quietest, ergonomically designed machines in the industry. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. An optional enclosure installed over the cutting table reduces noise levels, eliminates splash back from the cutting head and increases overall cleanliness.
  2. The optional water level control system, which can raise the water level 3”in 5 seconds, allows you to cut underwater, significantly reducing the noise level as it cuts. The two ballasts allow you to do this without taking away from the cutting envelope.
  3. The ergonomic toe kick and OSHA-friendly loading height makes it easy for you to stand against the tank when loading material.

For small business owners serious about expanding their client base, the A-Series is a compact, industrial machine that checks off all the boxes. It’s the best value out there for optimizing productivity levels, quickly and efficiently. 

Contact WARDJet today and see how the A Series fits into your current workflow.

ABOUT WARDJET: WARDJet is an industry-leading waterjet manufacturer based out of Tallmadge, Ohio. Since 1995, WARDJet has been committed to building superior-quality waterjets constructed completely in-house from locally sourced raw materials. Their focus on customer needs and innovation has driven them to become the largest provider of Tailored Waterjet Solutions. For more information or to contact WARDJet, visit www.wardjet.com.

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