Experience Stunning Aerial Footage of Palawan

United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis – 04-29-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Travelers from around the world are flocking to the Philippines to see the country’s beauty. As drone footage shows, the archipelagic province of Palawan is a stunning choice for those heading to the Philippines.

Drone video website AirVuz.com has compiled the top aerial footage of Palawan into a collection of drone videos. With more than 40 videos curated into one convenient location, finding breathtaking drone footage of Palawan and all it has to offer has never been easier.Plenty of the top destinations of Palawan — considered as one of the best islands in the world — can be found in the curated video collection. When viewing Palawan from the sky, its pristine beaches and beautiful blue waters look even more amazing. The same goes for the lush green trees that line the island.The municipality of Coron is a common subject in drone videos of Palawan found on AirVuz. Many of the videos in the curated collection showcase Coron, which includes many picturesque islands. The signature limestone cliffs also look spectacular from an aerial view. Visitors can take a ferry to Coron to visit.For anyone planning a trip to the Philippines — and, more specifically, to Palawan — figuring out which islands to visit can be a challenge. Thankfully, some of the more popular islands can be seen from above thanks to drones, giving a great perspective of the areas. Other of Palawan’s islands besides Coron are also on display in the video collection. That includes the likes of Port Barton, El Nido, Balabac and more.With so much water surrounding the islands, it’s no surprise that water activities are popular in the Palawan area. One of those activities that lends itself well to aerial footage is paraw sailing. These small boats native to the area are popular among tourists.For those looking to explore underwater, Palawan — Coron, more specifically — is the site of multipleshipwrecks. Snorkelers and scuba divers can get a close encounter with these wrecks, which offer a truly unique experience.Other gems can be found in Palawan for anyone visiting the region. That includes Barracuda Lake, a crader hidden among cliffs. This lake is famous for its warm water, which is certainly appealing to travelers. And for anyone preferring to stay above the water, kayaks and bangka boats are popular modes of transportation.Palawan isn’t the only area of the Philippines that has a video collection found on AirVuz.com. There are pages dedicated to the central Philippines region, the island of Luzon, and the island of Mindanao. More than 100 aerial videos can be found in the all-encompassing collection that features all of the Philippines.For more information, contact Tyler Mason, Director of Public Relations, at [email protected].About AirVuzSince its launch in 2015, AirVuz has become the world’s leading drone video and photography sharing platform and global community for drone pilots and aerial media enthusiasts. Drone enthusiasts worldwide can upload and share videos and photos in unlimited quantity and at no cost. Site users have free access to an ever-growing library of drone media content including easily browsable curated collections grouped into easy-to-navigate groupings such as Landmarks, Cities, People, Transportation, and Nature. AirVuz users also have access to original AirVuz content, such as AirVuz News coverage of new drone industry applications and drone regulation.

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