North Texas Cancer Foundation Supporting Adolescent Cancer Patients Announces Its First Out-of-State Program

United States, Texas, Dallas – 05-22-2019 ( — The Ruth Cheatham Foundation plans to launch a Utah Scholarship in honor of Pancreatic Cancer fighter, Craig Whittemore.


The Ruth Cheatham Foundation (TRCF), a nonprofit focused on supporting adolescent youth through all phases of cancer treatment, announced today its plans to expand their programs outside of the great state of Texas. The Craig Whittemore Scholarship (CWS), an honorary program beginning in 2020, will be dedicated to adolescent cancer patients located in Utah.   Craig, a lifelong Utah resident and father to TRCF Co-Founder Douglas Whittemore, was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer in November of 2018. 


The honorary program will be the first of its kind for TRCF and its total duration will depend on its funding, according to TRCF’s President and Co-Founder Lindsay Whittemore.“We couldn’t think of a better way to expand the Foundations’ reach and programs, while honoring one of our original supporters and beloved family members.” said Mrs. Whittemore. “We have such strong ties to the state of Utah with a well-established donor and volunteer base, this was a natural next step in our growth plans”.


“I was moved to tears when our board voted unanimously in favor of expanding under this program. More importantly, I was given the unique opportunity to tell my father that his journey is going to have a positive impact on teens in need and that his legacy will live on” said Douglas Whittemore, Treasurer and Co-Founder. “That is a rare moment that few are afforded at this phase of the journey. Seeing his face and what this scholarship program meant to him is something I will cherish for the rest of my life”.


TRCF plans to fund its honorary program with donations originating from the Utah market along with any designated donations to CWS. TRCF, established in 2016, focuses on advocacy, education and financial aid for teens impacted by cancer. In 2019, TRCF granted a total of twenty (20) scholarships to Texas adolescents impacted by cancer, a 125% growth over the previous year. 


“Words can’t express how honored I am to be associated with someone as special as Ruth. I have witnessed firsthand what her influence has created through her family members.” said Craig Whittemore. “To be told that through the TRCF platform we will be able to support teens battling cancer here in Utah, I am humbled to think of how many young adults this can help. Education is the key to opening doors to your future”.


TRCF asks that when donating to CWS program, please use the “add note” feature and include; C/O Craig Whittemore Scholarship and click on the “Share Mailing Address” feature within PayPal.   This will assist in ensuring donations will be directed to CWS. TRCF will be launching a unique page within its website with additional information on its CWS program.


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