Advisorist and SOFA announce their strategic partnership designed to share financial literacy programs and marketing resources across the membership of each organization.

BOSTON AND SAN DIEGO, CA – 05-24-2019 ( — Thanks to a strategic partnership between digital marketing leader Advisorist and the non-profit financial educators at The Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA), members of each organization now have access to many of the programs, services and benefits of both organizations.

On Thursday, May 30, SOFA and Advisorist launch their strategic partnership to share many of their programs and services. “In this way,” says Jeremiah Desmarais, founder and CEO of Advisorist, “our members have access to some of the benefits of SOFA, and vice versa. SOFA members can use our resources.”Both organizations serve the financial services industry with programs, instruction and support to 1) increase the financial awareness and literacy of the American public while 2) helping financial professionals better engage and build relationships with the public.Strategic Partnership Benefits SOFA and Advisorist Members“Having a strategic partnership with Advisorist represents an exciting opportunity for SOFA,” says COO Rachelle Wolf. “It’s a boon for our members to have access to valuable education and practical strategies and techniques for effective digital marketing. Getting out to people is our primary objective. And Jeremiah and his team at Advisorist are the premiere providers of education and programs to help financial advisors understand digital marketing and how to use online tools effectively.”Financial literacy in America is in crisis. According to the FINRA Foundation’s National Capability Study, only 28% of Americans can pass even the most basic test of their financial knowledge. The Society for Financial Awareness is trying to help remedy the problem by offering free seminars and workshops to provide education at the community level.Advisorist, too, recognizes the problem. It focuses on helping financial advisors master the new media. If financial professionals can better reach people online, they are in a position to invite them into free seminars and events and start the process to raise Americans’ financial literacy and help them better manage their money and prepare for retirement.“I’ve long respected the SOFA mission,” says Desmarais. “Few things are more crucial than helping people achieve financial freedom and a secure retirement. We are proud to be in a position to enter into this strategic partnership with SOFA—to share our expertise with its members—and give our Advisorist members access to SOFA programs. This is a win for both organizations, but most importantly it’s a win for the people attending (and learning at) free seminars and workshops in their communities.”Introductory Webinars for MembersIn addition to sharing prepared materials, SOFA and Advisorist members have access to live events, which is both an opportunity to receive the most current information and to engage in interactive discussion. The first live webinar is Thursday, May 30th:On May 30th, SOFA and Advisorist kick off their shared financial experiences for members with two back-to-back webinars.

  • Desmarais will address the SOFA audience from 1 pm to 2 pm EDT with about 30 minutes set aside for Q&A. Register here.
  • From 3 pm to 4 pm EDT, Wolf will speak with Advisorist members and include Q&A time. Register here.

The fact that as many as 1 in 3 Americans has nothing put aside for retirement is a frightening statistic. Some have struggled to recover from the financial downturn. But many just don’t know what they don’t know…until it’s too late. Both Wolf and Desmarais see this strategic partnership as one more way to help.“The enormity of the problem facing the American public is why SOFA is committed to working with Advisorist. Together we can help,” says Wolf.
 About SOFASOFA is a 501(c)(3)non-profit public benefit corporation. Since 1993, its mission is to provide financial education across the United States—one community at a time. SOFA members are professionals with a wide range of financial expertise, credentials and personal qualifications. They donate time in the community conducting no-cost, no-obligation financial workshops. These informational workshops—available to individuals, companies and organizations—satisfy the Department of Labor’s ERISA 404 (c) Requirement for companies offering any type of defined contribution pension plan to employees.About AdvisoristAdvisorist is a premiere online education and community platform for insurance and financial advisors. Classes are taught by best-of-breed industry leaders and instructors. Top Producers and celebrity thought leaders, such as Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, Zig Ziglar, NYT best-selling author Michael Levin and Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield. The teachings featured in Advisorist have generated billions in premium sales and hundreds of millions in fees generated in 51 countries around the world. Learn more at

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