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For the second year in a row, Cajon Valley Union School District has been host to top leaders and innovators from around the world interested in bettering work environments and education at the ASU+GSV Summit. The ASU+GSV Summit, held this past April, is a yearly conference where CEOs, investors, school, district and university leaders, media, enterprise learning and talent leaders, politicians, foundation leaders and policy makers come together to share ideas.

Summit participants visited Cajon Valley’s Bostonia Language Academy in El Cajon, California, where students have the opportunity to acquire three languages: English, Spanish, and Coding. During the visit to Bostonia Language Academy, visitors took tours of classrooms, interacted with students and staff, and heard speakers from the school and district to gain insights on instruction and classroom community. Students were able to share with summit visitors what they have learned about themselves and their future selves through the modern curriculum Cajon Valley is working to implement.

“Coming to Cajon Valley, what our group is really interested in doing is trying to find the best ideas from around the world that can rapidly accelerate progress” said Dr. Rebecca Winthrop, Director of Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution, a non-profit that uses research to form better policies to better education globally. “We think there is a real advantage to learning from each other because good practice can be shared across borders…”

The CVUSD tour showed some of the leaders that problems in education are similar in all parts of the world. “A lot of the challenges education faces is the same all around the world.” said Brian Schreuder, Superintendent General of Education, Western Cape Province, South Africa “…the diversity challenges that we face here in San Diego for example are similar but not as deep as those we face at home. I think that never before have we lived in an era where global citizenship is so important.” Bostonia Language Academy is a shining example of teaching students to think about the world around them as a community that they can be apart of and improve.

The ASU+GSV Summit facilitates international collaboration among educators that are concerned about preparing children for the future job market. The challenge of providing the proper preparation for every individual student is a worldwide issue felt at different scales and depths. Cajon Valley Union School District is at the forefront of the radical changes being made in education that are vital to ensuring students realize they have a place in the world and a bright future. As Dr. Winthrop said and CVUSD agrees, “we’re…hoping to move education forward particularly for kids to make sure that they’re getting their full breadth of skills and suite of competencies they need to thrive in their life, work and citizenship.”

Because of the efforts made in at CVUSD towards advancing education, the tours at the Bostonia Language Academy led to the Brookings Institution representatives inviting Chief of Innovation & Engagement Officer Ed Hidalgo to speak at their Building the Workforce of the Future Symposium event.

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