Beating Burnout and Stress by Investing in Self Care, Mindfulness, Cold Therapy and the Outdoors

United States, Nevada, Incline Village-crystal Bay – 05-29-2019 ( — Combat stress and burnout with Unhustle™ Tahoe Outdoor Series

The World Health Organization has just declared burnout as a medical condition, with symptoms ranging from feelings of energy depletion and exhaustion to negativism and reduced professional efficacy. 

Burnout is one of the most discussed mental health problem’s in today’s society. Together with information overload, constantly on mindset, and hustling, people have less and less time in their day for self care, reflection, solitude and time in nature. 

To combat burnout and stress, one can engage in self care practices, focus on mindbody wellbeing, spend time in nature, practice meditation and mindfulness, and even experiment with cold therapy. 

  • Unhustle™, a Lake Tahoe based lifestyle movement and experiential programs company, has just announced their Tahoe Outdoor Series, focused on getting people from burnt out and stressed out to state of ease, joy, creativity, stillness and happiness. The company has six different outdoor workshop focused on: biohacking for improved biology, nutrition, cold therapy, movement, stress minimizers and mindful living. 

The Unhustle lifestyle movement combines elements of simplicity, slowing life down, mindfulness, digital detox and mindbody wellbeing. It is an effort to get people to be mindful of their technology consumption, find balance and presence in their every day life, maintain overall wellbeing and learn how to enjoy the simple things in life. By increasing ease, flow, joy, creativity and time in people’s lives, they can focus on their own lives, their families and their businesses. The Unhustle Tahoe Outdoor Series provides an affordable opportunity for people to learn simple techniques and practices they can take home with them and continue practicing. 

Unhustle is spearheaded by a burnout digital agency owner who decided to change her own life a few years back when learning how to kitesurf. “I now invest in my own wellbeing each morning with movement, mindfulness, Bulletproof coffee, cold shower and mindful focus practice. My mission is to change at least 1 million lives so I’m in it for the long haul, no burning out allowed here”, says Milena Regos, Co-Founder of Unhustle. 


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