CryoFX® LLC Delivers Custom Co2 System on Optimus Prime – Optimus Is Here!

San Diego, CA – 06-04-2019 ( — CryoFX®, again, has pushed the bar. In their recent project, CryoFX® has worked with Optimus to deliver a custom Co2 system on Optimus Prime replica vehicle. The new system has really, “Brought Optimus to Life”.


CryoFX®, a world leader in Co2 special effects, partnered with Optimus Is Here in their latest project. The California-based company was contacted by Optimus’ owner Joe Fiduccia to supply the replica vehicle with a fully custom co2 system. This would allow Optimus Prime to blow out clouds of Co2 from the front, back, and tall smokestacks. CryoFX® did not disappoint one bit. Optimus Prime can now breathe smoke when it is about to transform. All thanks to the CryoFX® team.


While the whole project was complex initially, CryoFX® designed and built out both the Co2 System and electrical system to control it within 2 days, in other words, according to Joe, “They were able to complete everything and get it shipped to me in record time!” The system took four days to install by Joe and his team along with the blueprints supplied by CryoFX® for assistance on both system install and electrical install. The final results were astonishing. How did the two partners make this possible? The CryoFX® team supplied 10 CryoFX® vehicle rated Co2 valves together with custom cut hoses to ensure it matched the schematics drawn for the system install. Optimus would then be able to blow Co2 out of two outputs at the front, two at the back and the remaining six from the smokestacks fitted at the rear panel behind the cab. Kris Mullins, CEO/Founder of CryoFX® and Co2 Systems Engineer designed the Co2 System and Electrical Control Systems (12vdc system) linked to 10 valves and nozzles. The Co2 System is comprised of 16 custom cut CryoFX® brand Co2 hoses with a combined total hose length of more than 130 feet. 


CryoFX® had to design an electrical system that would help to control the Co2 system per Joe’s requirements. To top it all off, the Co2 System is run by two 35lb Aluminum siphon tube Co2 Tanks mounted directly behind the driver seat in the cab, for easy exchange. 


One of the major factors that influenced the success of this project was the clear design and specifications given by the Optimus Prime team. Joe, the owner of Optimus, gave clear instructions on the design they wanted and the outcome of the project that they expected. CryoFX® then used their knowledge and experience, as they are known to do, to make it a reality. The technical expertise demonstrated by CryoFX® was essential in making the project a success. Not only were they able to perfectly piece up everything together but also they did it remarkably well and very detailed. 


This is definitely not the first vehicle project that CryoFX® has successfully completed. In fact, the company has a reputable name in the movie industry, amongst others as well. They have worked on other projects in the past including vehicle projects for Fast and Furious as well as stunt cars for other movies.


CryoFX® Owner & CEO asserts, “Adding Co2 Systems to vehicles is something I wanted to do since I was a kid. I had the low-rider trucks with airbags and saw the NOS systems blowing out of the hoods; I knew I could replicate this effect. Seeing our Co2 System on Optimus and our partnership has been inspiring and a long time vision, and working with Joe has been amazing! You’ll definitely be seeing more from us soon!”


CryoFX® is a renowned company that is located in San Diego, California. They are both manufacturers and distributors of Co2 Special Effects equipment. The company stays ahead by ensuring they supply quality and innovative equipment that are customized according to your needs. Although CryoFX® has a great technical team with the expertise to build customized Co2 special effects systems, it is also supported by a robust sales & support team and an aggressive marketing team. It also has one of the best warehouse teams to process orders and a competent management that ensures everything in the business is working smoothly. 

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