Turbado Turns Consumers’ Mobile Phone Experience Upside-Down

United States, New York, Syracuse – 06-10-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Borehamwood, England – – – What if consumers could get the mobile device they want along with a lifetime warranty and time repairs, exchanges and upgrades? They can now. Meet Turbado – a privately-held company that was founded in 2012 and is operating in every EU country. Think of it as iPhone nirvana. 

 Turbado’s customer-centric business model provides customers with the product and service they want with all of the extras not otherwise available from the manufacturer or retailer. The only catch – users do not own the phone. But the management team at Turbado say that once a client tries out their service, they are hooked. “The only hurdle we have really encountered to date is consumer skepticism. We turned the purchase model upside down and that is a new experience for people,” said Andrej Vargecko, CEO. “A lot of our first-time customers were simply frustrated with the traditional repair process or not being able to affordably upgrade and turned to us as an alternative.” Turbado is a product as a service company. They sell services rather than products. The company, which has grown to 135 employees, recognized that regardless of the fact that consumers are loyal to specific brands, they are also commonly agitated with the post-purchase experience. They have both inhouse service capabilities and specialized partnerships to ensure they can meet the varied needs of customers.  Here’s how Turbado works:

  • Customers order an iPhone for indefinite-term use 
  • They receive the following services:

– lifetime warranty
– next business day repair or exchange
– anytime upgrades
– anytime returns
– out-of-manufacturer-warranty repairs They even have a unique name for their service approach – Superior Unexpected Customer Support – which Turbado’s team say is meant to reinforce how seriously they take their responsibility for exceeding customer expectations. The company also says that they are committed to 100 percent recycling to help ensure that no waste goes to landfills as part of their green friendly business practices. “People are dependent on their mobile devices. We make sure they have a reliable device for a lifetime. They get the same iPhone they intended to purchase with opportunities to get the latest models while ensuring that no matter what problem they may encounter, we are there to take care of it for them,” he added.
 For more information, go to http://turbado.eu.

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