YouTube Star Rebecca Zamolo breaks new ground with Giant Clue in Real Life Game

LOS ANGELES, Calif – 06-08-2019 ( — RZ’s  innovative Gamemaster Series is a step evolution in interactive entertainment for children

There’s a reason why her channel has grown to nearly 7 million subscribers. Day after day, Rebecca Zamolo comes up with action-packed, mystery-filled videos that keeps kids coming back for more. This Saturday, June 8, she is releasing her most interactive and plot-twisting video yet. Rebecca goes into disguise and enters a giant game of Clue, with little information on what she is walking in on. Filmed as 25 minute special in a Hollywood mansion, with high end production, this video takes the children’s mystery genre to the next level as it feels more like a made-for-TV movie than a YouTube video.

Backstory: the infamous hacker and evil villain The Red Hood have sent out 6 exclusive invitations to some mysterious individuals. Each person is given an alias aka based off from the game Clue. What The Red Hood doesn’t know is Rebecca have stolen one of the invitations and is now going in as an undercover spy to figure out why this event is even happening.

In the game Clue, there is a mystery to be solved and one person responsible for something. Will Rebecca be able to figure out who that person is and solve the mystery? Most importantly, what has he or she done?

Who are these mysterious individuals and why are they invited? 

For the engaged young and curious YouTube viewer, Rebecca’s interactive storytelling becomes infective – compelling her young fans to help Rebecca and her team of spy hacker sleuths to solve the mysteries and puzzles in her videos. She involves the audience by integrating clues into video comments, her website and throughout the videos themselves. It is for these reasons, she has earned the title of “Gamemaster”.

This Saturday June 8 at 8:30am , join the adventure don’t forget your detective hats, because you are in for a mystery. Check out the video here:


Head on to to watch. 


About Rebecca Zamolo: Social star and entertainer who is best known for her comedic videos on her self-titled YouTube channel, which has earned over 6 million subscribers. She is also one-half of the Matt & Rebecca YouTube channel alongside her husband.  

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