Tatum unveils unique blockchain API platform

United States – 07-01-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — London based Blockchain company, Tatum Limited (“Tatum”), has launched a revolutionary and unique Blockchain API Platform.

The API Platform It is a game changer in Blockchain evolution. It provides instant access to any Blockchain, through a ‘plug’n’play’ API, able to support all ledgers and digital assets. The platform certifies all compliance, legal and accounting obligations, across multiple jurisdictions. It offers rapid time to market, by cutting development time from a typical eighteen months to under five days.

Tatum has been developing the platform for the past two years. Jiri Kobelka, Tatum’s CEO, said “The Tatum API Platform is a Blockchain enabler. With very little development experience, we can now give all organisations the opportunity to implement Blockchain solutions easily and cheaply.”

Tatum Chairman, Will Banks, said “I believe that the shift the Tatum Platform will bring to Blockchain, is akin to what the drag and drop platforms brought to the website industry. This is an exciting time for Tatum and for those clients looking to build robust, compliant and cost-effective Blockchain solutions.”

The British Blockchain and Frontier Technologies Association (“BBFTA”) has recently partnered with Tatum and built their loyalty programme using the platform, in less than a day. Several Financial Institutions have also been attracted to the platform, resulting in extremely positive feedback.

In recent weeks, Tatum has launched a Digital Assets Integrated Banking Solution for Digital Banks, built on the Tatum Blockchain API, it has already caught the attention of new digital start up banks.  

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Full Name: Will Banks
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Website: https://tatum.io

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