Cheap Press Release Distribution Solutions: They Don’t Do What They Say

LAS VEGAS, NV – 07-09-2019 ( — Cheap press release providers promising top-flight media exposure for your company are easily found on the Internet these days. Most of them sound very similar. They promise placement with prominent media outlets and discuss the benefits of news exposure. But do they actually deliver? And if they do, is it worth the cost to your company? We’ve crunched the numbers on some of the more visible providers and have also calculated some basic ROI for their services.

These are the results from the most basic packages offered by these companies.PR Distribution’s packages start at $99 with their Premium solution. This solution gets your press release syndicated to hundreds of quality media sites for the average user, as well as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google News and Bing News. This is verifiable using Google search results as discussed here in this article.PR Distribution’s value really stands out in its guarantee of placement with 10+ media outlets.. None of the other services on this list come close to matching that figure and most do not even offer guaranteed placement. Taking into account the average number of publications that do, you’re paying on average of between $2.00 to $4.00 per high-authority media site.24-7 Press Release features a package called Visibility Boost at $49 as their cheapest press release solution. Their site claims that this gets syndicated to “50+ premium news sites” without any guaranteed placement. You are effectively paying $1 per exposure to each media site, but that is not a guarantee of actual placement. Actual ROI may be much offers a $60 package as their cheapest solution. They also send your article to 12 total “Industry” or “Regional” outlets, as well as Google, Yahoo, and Bing news.They also do not guarantee any syndication, so we ran a precise Google search for some of their articles. Their average press release is published by 5 low-quality websites. These sites are not generally considered reputable news outlets—see screenshot for proof. You are effectively paying $12 per actual placement on a low quality features their Premium package at $119. This is their cheapest press release solution. They claim syndication to “250+ media outlets” and again make zero guarantees regarding placement.Their average press release seems to get published to 30 media sites—see screenshot for proof. You are effectively paying $3.97 per actual placement on a media site.PR Buzz’s was known for offering an “Unlimited Press Release Distribution” package at $299 annually. This package exposed as a scam here. There would be very limited actual distribution of your article. As of May, 2019, it seems they no longer provide this service, as seen here.Among these providers, it is clear that PR Distribution is the #1 cheap press release distribution company with strategy and innovative processes that far outstrips the competition. In addition to their press release solutions, PR Distribution also offers extensive resources and templates. For organizations looking to craft high-relevance articles, they also offer access to experienced industry writers.On the distribution side, the Premium package offers incredible value. It includes guaranteed media placements, and syndication to hundreds of media outlets including Google, Google News, Bing, and Yahoo. Their other package tiers scale this media strategy excellently. And you can purchase monthly or annual subscriptions for your highest priority online marketing campaigns.

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