Sherpa, New Millennial-Focused Personal Finance Software, has launched

United States, District of Columbia, Washington – 07-15-2019 ( — Washington D.C., – Alto Solutions Group, LLC, a financial services company based in Northern Virginia, is proud to announce the release of Sherpa – a new web-based, personal finance software platform built with Millennials in mind. Launched today, Sherpa is a revolutionary personal finance tool that changes the way users manage their finances and interact with their resources. 

Sherpa has been designed for Millennials looking for better ways to manage their money and create a workable budget. Alex Iglesias, President of Alto Solutions Group and creator of Sherpa, notes “Millennials, and those born in the internet age, are all about sharing ideas and using their resources to better themselves. The purpose of Sherpa is simply to give as much as we can to the world to help people with their finances.” The company is committed to helping Millennials, and all generations, with money management, financial literacy, and, ultimately, financial wellness. Sherpa differentiates itself from similar products on the market with its core features, its focus on Millennials, and its charitable giving program. Sherpa will offer Basic and Premium levels of service to its users, allowing users to choose the “path” that best suits their financial needs and goals.The Sherpa platform will offer its “Sherpa Basic” users useful core features, including the ability to view all of their bank and credit card accounts in one place as well as the ability to track, project, and manage account balances and budgets. The software is web-based and can be accessed online at Sherpa is offering a free 30-day public beta of its browser-based platform, at the end of which users can opt to pay a small monthly fee to continue using the software. Customers who choose “Sherpa Premium” access will have all of the Sherpa Basic features and more, with advanced features including investment management and net worth tracking. Later in 2019, all Sherpa customers will have access to financial advisor assistance through the Sherpa platform, making Sherpa a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to move their money forward. The company is also on schedule to release an app during the 3rd quarter of 2019.In addition to its release of the Sherpa platform to help people actually manage their money, Alto Solutions Group is committed to charitable giving. The company is proud to support Kiva in their mission to empower entrepreneurs with micro loans. Alto Solutions Group is also proud to support the Snow Leopard Trust, dedicated to helping save endangered Snow Leopards in their natural habitat. Initial donations have been made and a percentage of annual company profits will be donated to Kiva and to the Snow Leopard Trust.About Alto Solutions Group, LLCAlto Solutions Group, LLC started as the vision of a father-and-son team looking to utilize their individual strengths in accounting and business development. Seeking to create a premium services company, the two set out on a mission in late 2017 to bring strategic, financial, and project management expertise to the business world. Alto is committed to helping users move their money forward while helping every business partner move their enterprise forward.

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