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Newly formed Steel Wolf Ventures (SWV) has announced a hybrid business investment and equity funding model for cutting edge entities beyond family and friends financing in capitalization needs but yet not large enough for traditional institutional funding.Recognizing a void in fundraising options for emerging companies, SWV partners strategically researches  innovative  ventures in potential $1B+ plus markets, poised to thrive with the right investment or financing Their choice is to foster and raise impact investments in five sectors – bio, tech, health & medical (including CBD/cannabis), clean energy and RE/development.Partner and Co-Founder, R. Victoria Jodis, a California entrepreneur, has significant inside experience with business and media. Jodis said, “the partners found worthy companies that consistently fell into a ‘financial black hole.’ Investment Bankers are beyond their reach and small/ineffective crowd funding sites either can’t deliver enough money or are not fast enough.”“Emerging and startup companies needing $1 to $5 million and up to $50 million in capital are quite different than established corporations with EBITDA seeking capital, development or M&A financing. They can’t grow their businesses without private equity and other investment opportunities” Jodis continued. “Entrepreneurs have varying degrees of business savvy.  To be without a clear development timetable, market strategy, product integrity, a detailed budget and plan to profitability or a potential exit strategy is business suicide. Over all though, they all have the very same single issue – money,” Jodis concluded.

Fellow partner and Co-Founder, John Schum (a veteran, attorney with extensive experience in the cannabis industry and businessman) says, “Steel Wolf provides an effective and efficient way for small emerging firms to compete for capital needed to make their companies viable entities.”Steel Wolf’s hybrid business model discards Investment Bank/Wall Street structure. Modest upfront fees include expenses, team evaluation and strategic development. SWV takes some ownership, provides engagement with the client-founder as new board partners while developing accredited investor streams or other private equity sources so the founder fully focuses on product, markets and revenue.
 SWV raises for Q3 2019 include these companies with double digit, high growth and sustainable $1B+ market potential:
· SymSoil ®, $5M initial raise – going to $45M+ Organic/bio-fertilizer/microbe soils technology with water conservation properties increases yields 15 to 35%; Projected revenues $2B+
 · OmniPad, $5M initial raise – going to Series A $40M VR tech merged with patented omnidirectional treadmill equipment and high-speed running platform. Final development funds prior to manufacture. Several verticals including sports, gaming, medical rehab/physical therapy and military/first responder applications. Projected revenues $1B+Accredited Investors: Call 833.473.3699 Steel Wolf Ventures / Beverly Hills California 
For more Information: STEEL WOLF TEAM and Executive Summaries VENTURE REPORT

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