Dixiecrat (AZ-D) Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s Gang Of Eight Nightmare Will Cause Democratic Party To Lose Moral Ground In Upcoming 2020 Presidential Elections

United States, Arizona, Phoenix – 07-25-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Dixiecrat (AZ-D) Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s Gang Of 8 Nightmare Will Cause Democratic Party To Lose Moral Ground In Upcoming 2020 Presidential Elections

“The cynic knows that isn’t going to happen and even were such a “roundup” possible it wouldn’t appreciably improve any of the problems they blamed on immigrants. Of course, they wouldn’t ever admit their prescription was bullshit.” — Excerpt From: John McCain & Mark Salter. “The Restless Wave.” Phoenix, AZ –SOMOS INDEPENDENTS is a national organization led by key swing independent registered Mexican American women voters who encourage voting in our National and local elections. The time has come to blow a loud whistle on how the Arizona Democratic Party leadership continues to fail and take advantage of minorities and their own staffers. It is no secret that independents have surpassed the Democratic voting bloc in this state.   (D-AZ) Senator Kyrsten Sinema touted being an “independent” in her political ads when she ran against (R-AZ) Martha McSally in 2018.   According to the AZ Central: “Sinema’s systematic play for moderate Republican voters, independent voters and suburban women anxious about the polarizing politics in the era of President Donald Trump gave her an advantage in the state’s urban areas that was too great for McSally to overcome.”  That said, we are righteously angry to see the extreme position led by Democratic Senator Sinema  to streamline the removal of migrant families.  Those supporting Sinema are Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, along with Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, Rob Portman, R-Ohio; James Lankford, R-Okla; Michael Enzi, R-Wyo; John Barrasso, R-Wyo; and Dixiecrats Sens. Doug Jones, D-Ala and Joe Manchin D-W.VA.  We have duly noted it is not McSally (a Republican) who is taking this extreme position — but the Democratic elected official who is doing so in our State.  Arizona (D) Senator Kyrsten Sinema is attempting to take a page out of the late Senator John McCain’s playbook in his successful appeal to Arizona independent registered voters, however, McCain took actual Gang of 8 leadership and made several attempts in overhauling and fixing the entire broken immigration system.  Sinema is not.  In fact, Sinema is doing the opposite with her Gang of 8 Nightmare as her proposal advocates bad policies.  Creating bad policy is bad enough but it becomes worse when Border Patrol Agents were recently caught making racist comments in a Facebook group—a group that the chief of the Border Patrol evidently was a member of herself.  We have already witnessed a total failure of due process in the asylum area.  Trump is doing whatever he can to have his asylum restrictions continue, and the last thing we need is to have immigration officers on site to be the initial and the possible final arbiters of whether that person gets asylum.  The Border Patrol is one of the largest, most violent and least accountable law enforcement agencies in the United States — and to have these people decide (up or down) who gets to stay would only cause further injury to those who seek a Safe Refuge / Haven. Somos Independents has patiently waited to see how Democratic elected officials will react towards Sinema’s leadership to remove migrant families to no avail. Therefore, the push back must come from key swing Independent voters in our State.  That said, we hope to see in the very near future Latino / Chicano Democratic elected officials step up to the plate and hope they will not fall into the “Si, señor” trap.  Latinos should not be scared to rock the boat with “Anglos” holding high positions with  the AZ Democratic Party leadership.  They ought  to remember how (D) Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs will more than likely never be successful running for Arizona Governor in light of a recent  $1M lawsuit that specifically mentions her misgivings.  We hope that someone in Arizona’s elected leadership will arise in the model of Julian Castro, when he chose to call out Beto O’Rourke on his immigration policies during the Democratic Presidential debate held last month. In the meantime, and while we wait to see if Latin elected officials will step up to that plate, Somos Independents has taken the time to check the Latin pulse about their views on Sinema’s Gang of 8 Nightmare:Arizona Immigration Lawyer Ray Ibarra states: 

This policy will prohibit asylum seekers from access to counsel and due process.  We should not be creating programs that streamline someone’s deportation, rather we need to end the human rights abuses from our government.

Private business owner and Arizona immigration advocate Carlos Galindo (formerly a Democratic voter now an independent) states:

As people of color, with an undeniably racist President sitting in the “White” House. we are living our most trying times. I personally have endured it all. I can relate to the struggles of some of our current politicians of color, just as Kamala Harris, I too was bused to an all-white school. Time and time again, history has proven that it is not the overt racists or the overt power-hungry politicians who hurts us as people of color, it’s those who claim to be our allies, even those within our political partiesSuch is the case with Senator Sinema. She has time and time again, changed political positions to suit her political needs, or outright betrayed certain social groups after claiming to support these groups (i.e.; Immigrant Community, Gay Community, Liberal Community).

Former Democratic Arizona State Representative Lydia Hernandez states:

I expected more from Senator Krysten Sinema who is also an attorney because she is creating a blatant injustice against a delicate process to determine whether credible fear has been established. We are talking about families that are emotionally distraught, not focused, uneducated and don’t know the law.  It’s a gross negligence to allow them to represent themselves without knowing the criteria to seek asylum. Furthermore, it is extremely unrealistic to expect that this “fair process” can be done in three days.

TG Williams states:

Sinema is representative of Former Southern Democrat’s like Fred Phelps.  These are Asylum seekers, and all human beings have a right to seek asylum, and have their claims go through due process, as persons on American soil.  There can be no claim of “safe return” when there is no safety when they are returned.  If she believes in equal and human rights, she should ensure that all human beings have a safe harbor, and due process as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

Shirl Mora James, an Immigration and Civil Rights Lawyer  states: 

Sinema’s actions do not reflect values for the Democrats. Instead of assisting asylum seekers, she will instead be promoting Trump policy which are violations of both international treaties that we sign and Federal Law.  We have a Refugee Act of 1980 USC Section 1158 which gives asylum seekers an opportunity for seekers to make their claim and ask for asylum.  Sinema is assisting Trump’s policy in violating asylum seekers rights and violation of Flores Settlement Agreement that protects unaccompanied minor children.  Essentially she is putting babies and children at risk and she is giving her stamp of approval of ripping babies from their mother’s breasts and caging babies which is un-American and in violation of Christian values.

DeeDee Garcia Blase, a former long life Republican, now an Arizona independent register voter and Co-founder of Somos Independents states:

Who needs enemies when you have Dixiecrat Democratic friends such as Sinema (as well as her friend Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs)?  According to 538.com: “Sinema agreed with Republicans almost 63% of the time during the 115th Congress.” It is well known McCain called Trump’s refugee policy appalling, yet we now see  Sinema supporting a law that will essentially make the corrupt BP agent an arbiter.  Sinema is supposed to be an ally on immigration matters, but she supports bad policy making things worse.  She will never pale into comparison with the late Sen. John McCain. If Democratic elected officials do not reject Sinema’s proposal, they lose moral ground on blowing the whistle against Republican officials when it comes to the brown vote in 2020.  Sinema made history becoming the first bisexual member of U.S. Senate, however, her Gang of 8 Nightmare would more than likely strengthen the continued mocking of babies in cages from BP agents and hearing more cases such as when a transgender woman died in the custody of ICE and appeared to have been physically abused before her death in May 2018 from dehydration.

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