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United States, Wyoming, Cheyenne – 08-05-2019 ( — Verity International Ltd. and Rivetz Intl. announced their partnership to enhance the safety and quality of information recorded on the Verity One blockchain for global supply chain integrity. Verity will take advantage of the Rivetz advanced mobile security capabilities to assure the data collected is provable from the source device to the consumer validation, reducing the potential for fraud or fake data to be part of the food safety evidence.

Verity and Rivetz announced their collaboration to enhance the quality and reliability of the global food safety data collected and recorded from the field to the tableNothing is more important than the origin and global supply chain for food. Billions of people rely on the data that says the food is safe. Fraud, bad data and no data have plagued the global supply chain forever. The advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain integrity are more effective and reliable if the original data provided is both accurate and real. Rivetz and Verity are committed to taking a leadership role for the global supply chain data integrity with security first and provide the highest quality information from the source to the table. Rivetz uses existing embedded hardware security in smartphones and IoT devices to provide advanced cybersecurity controls. The technologies are global standards from Trusted Computing and Global Platform to assure the data is interoperable, repeatable and reliable before it is recorded on the blockchain.  The combination of technologies will raise the bar for the high quality and provable data required for food safety. Together Verity and Rivetz will take the active lead to advance the global standards in data security, compliance and assurance. Defining and updating the data-structures and protocols for country of origin, religious, health, organic, efficacy, supply chain verification for global food safety. Supporting the creation of a simple supply chain manifest secured by the blockchain that every party in the supply chain can rely on and trust.“Today’s announcement is a Giant Leap forward in food safety technology,” said Steven Sprague, CEO Rivetz Corp.” The combination of the Verity One blockchain and the Rivetz Network creates the provable and usable digital evidence to help consumers know the origin and the journey of their food”. “Rivetz decentralized security provides Verity with security and simplicity to meet the demands of our market,” said Adam Reiser, CEO of Verity International Ltd.  “In this new data driven world it is critical that we know our data comes from known devices in a known condition with provable controls.” The companies are currently integrating the solution and expect it to roll out into the Verity network later this year. Providing simple apps to ultimately connect those who produce to those who consume. 
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Company Name: Verity International Ltd.
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