Sales Funnel Expert Releases New Single, ‘Schedule a Demo’

United States, Missouri, Kansas City – 08-13-2019 ( — When hit music producer Leonard Dstroy received an unexpected text from his comrade CJ Rooney, looking to work together on that one track that could show both of their skills, his text back was simply, “Lol sure. U rapping now?’ And, his answer was a firm “yes.”


Although this wasn’t the type of hip hop production they had collaborated on in the past, they were focused on creating a track to move leads through the sales funnel for this project. After all, their last collaboration gained more than 6 million views on Youtube. This song/project was just for the sake of bringing two creative minds together, creating something everyone could enjoy listening to, and also turn notable profits in the process. After all, CJ is all about results.


As a sales funnel expert, CJ sought creative ways to motivate his contacts to schedule an online demo with him because that’s how prospective buyers decide to buy software to help improve their businesses.


CJ’s work on this song is designed specifically to help with the SaaS sales funnel conversion efforts.


Check out the song: 


We are at a point in our society where innovators have already assembled the processes and developed the software to help them serve more people at scale. What about you?


All he requests is a chance to show you a demo of the offering and show that you are open to considering whether the decision is right for you.


“It’s challenging to get peoples’ attention even though, you know that you can really help them grow their business,” CJ said.“I wanted to create something new and put my vibe out there so people have a better idea who they’re speaking with, and a song seemed like a good way to approach it.”


Leonard Dstroy echoed, “And I like new challenges.”


Together, they brainstormed and sourced materials inspired by everything from lessons about consumer behavior to the tactics of ASMR and in doing so created a product that will inspire would-be customers (of the SaaS offering) to schedule a demo with CJ.


It is certainly an unconventional approach, but that is exactly why CJ’s strategy can work for you.  That song captured your attention, and it will also capture the attention of your prospective customers.


“The purpose was to show who I am, how I think and what you can expect when I get to show you a demo of the platform,” said CJ.


“It was just like a dream come true working with one of my favorite producers and getting to do this song that shows how I can help people grow their businesses,” CJ explained. “I’ve been a fan of his for years, ever since listening to his work with Deep Thinkers, InnateSounds, Ces Cru, and many more.”


Nobody has extra time to spare. We all have 24 hours in the day. When you’re looking to grow your business, time is at a premium. That’s why you invest your time in people with experience: schedule a demo and your time will not be wasted.


If you enjoyed the song, you can stream it on Spotify and iTunes. You can also take the next step, and schedule a demo.


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