NYIS hosts cocktail party to celebrate reaching 50,000 premium paid users

United States, New York, New York – 08-30-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — To celebrate reaching 50,000 premium paid users and thank professionals for their longstanding support, NYIS held a cocktail party in Manhattan on August 29. More than 100 guests attended the reception. 



Since 2013, NYIS has been committed to developing cutting-edge technology and changing the professional services industry, including law, real estate, insurance and hospitality. The cocktail party aimed to thank the guests for choosing NYIS as their platform service providers and demonstrate the company’s achievements since its establishment.


Nathan, the CEO of NYIS, attended the reception and delivered a keynote speech. He said, “Thanks to the trust from our clients and business partners, we have been striving to build a powerful business platform for years. By applying the platform and self-operated Amazon business model into the professional service industry, NYIS is committed to building a comprehensive new service platform to match professional services for each unique client.” Nathan also stressed, “Our responsibilities will remain the same for the past, present and future.”



He reviewed the history of the development of NYIS. “With the growth of international students and emerging of immigrants, relevant needs have increased. Settlement in the United States is only the beginning of American life. There still exists a strong demand for the following steps. NYIS was born in this situation.”


NYIS was founded in 2013, with its headquarters located in Manhattan and branches in California and Asia. In the last six years, NYIS has achieved a variety of accomplishments in different business segments. NYIS’ number of premium paid users has reached 50,000. In addition, the social media platforms of NYIS have over 1 million followers, which makes NYIS the largest comprehensive platform for the Chinese community in the nation. 



As technology has improved, it has reformed all industries, including the law business. The tendency of utilizing technology has grown a lot, including for analyzing cases, communicating with clients and managing cases. In response to such changes, NYIS developed an attorney marketing service and a case management service through its highly skilled IT platform.


NYIS Law is the flagship company, and its founding established a tradition of dedication and service to the immigration community. 


“It is an unforgettable night,” Chuck, the leading attorney of NYIS Law, said, “The US legal industry has a long history and has been traditional for years. It needs adjustment to suit the modern business model. It is my pleasure to see NYIS appear at the forefront of legal service innovation, and it is leading the U.S. law service to a new era.” 



About NYIS:

NYIS is a pioneering company that applies the “platform and self-operated” Amazon business model into the professional service industry in the United States. NYIS’ service areas include law, insurance, real estate and hospitality.


The NYIS platform matches professional services for each unique client need. Through this platform, NYIS recommends businesses and welcomes other service providers who might like to partner with us to serve the community. 


NYIS official website: www.nyis.com

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