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LAS VEGAS, NV – 08-30-2019 — It’s important to remember that getting traffic to your E-Commerce store isn’t enough. Traffic doesn’t mean you are getting the sales as well. It is easy to get lots of users, but when it comes to making users stay and make the real purchases, that’s an entirely different story. 

In this situation it can be very useful to find a tool to analyze the traffic and its stay on your website. A percentage of the traffic will consist of high-quality users who navigate your website and make purchases. There are several tools and analytics platforms that you can use to get a sense of who is visiting your E-Commerce store and what they are doing. Which pages they are visiting more often. Of course, the success of this strategy depends largely on which press release distribution service you choose to work with. Some good companies out that there provide the some analytics and reports as part of their total package. PR Distribution Inc. is a leading press release distribution service that complete package for small to medium level businesses in the need of visibility and traffic. Every premium package comes with press release writing, distribution, and comprehensive reporting of total open and click rates on PR being distributed. To make this even more powerful, they can target distribution to the journalists in your region and/or industry. This improves the chances of attracting the target audience you need. This gives you a better quality of traffic, leading to more sales. As an alternative, to buying the PR writing and distribution service, you can purchase the journalist’s database to contact editors, media professionals, and journalists. With your list of contacts and press release draft being ready, you can send personalized emails to the list of contacts and share your story. ABOUT PRDISTRIBUTION.COM, INC.,
PR Distribution is a leading press release writing and distribution, service provider. It has helped millions of businesses to get instant recognition by the industry’s most authentic media outlets and journalists. With PR Distribution you get guaranteed visibility in Google/Yahoo/Bing & Google News at a very low cost. You can contact PR Distribution here.  

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