21-Year-Old Leads Blockchain Hedge Fund ‘Banz Capital’ to External Launch

United States – 09-11-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — The hedge fund Banz Capital is launching external fund operations and is now accepting new outside capital. The company, which is available to accredited investors, focuses on transparency and fund security in digital, cryptocurrency, and blockchain financial markets. The fund is open-ended and can now accept investors who are ‘accredited’, meaning they possess either a net worth of $1 million+ or maintain an income that exceeds $200,000 yearly.

Banz Capital, which was only founded recently, has already begun making waves in the investment world through technology Wall Street has never seen before. According to the company’s website, they employ capital management alongside software & blockchain development, which “enables the ability to extract tremendous levels of investment alpha.” Their intuitive and innovative combination of software and strategy seeks to obtain above-average, risk-adjusted returns for investors.At the forefront of all this innovation is John Iadeluca, who at the ripe age of 21 is founder/CEO of Banz Capital. Iadeluca works with a diverse team consisting of industry veterans, technological specialists, and problem solvers, including former banking alumni and skilled developers.Banz Capital signed its launch with prominent fund administrators ‘Theorem’, who have administered multiple hundreds of millions of dollars for other funds. Through Theorem, Banz looks to offer investors real-time investor portals where clients can log in from anywhere and see their investment progress immediately.Those wishing to become an investor with this buzzing endeavor must undergo the proper legal and financial processing and must be accredited under U.S. law. Upon passing all criteria and reaching approval, a process that takes just a brief time to complete, an investor can then be admitted into Banz Capital. To get in contact with Banz Capital, visit their contact page here.

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