Royal Holiday Vacations Club Reviews Safety Measures Giving It A Five Star Safety Rating

United States – 09-11-2019 ( — Planning a vacation can make some people a little nervous for safety reasons. Let Royal Holiday Vacation Club rest your worries. For the past few weeks, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club has focused on several steps to ensure the safety of all visitors,  when visiting any of their six locations in Mexico. A rising concern voiced by many travelers to the country of Mexico, the company strives to make their travel destinations one of the safest for all international travelers.

Travel nightmares are well documented in many different parts of the world, but over the last couple of years, a growing number of concerns have popped up in Mexico. Whether it be news related to drugs, sex crimes, abductions, killings, and more, it seems like the country can’t stay out of the negative press.

As one of the top resort companies in the world, Royal Holiday Vacation Club understands that safety is a concern in many different locations. Mexico has gained a bad reputation, partially based on perception, and partly based on actual issues some have had traveling to the neighbors to the south.

To make matters worse, the United States issued a level two security warning earlier this year. This action inspired fear causing  Americans to avoid cities like Acapulco, Cancun, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta. Unfortunately, this news sent many into a frenzy, not understanding how different parts of the country are much, much safer than others.

All-inclusive plans allow visitors to stay in safe locations.

Despite growing safety concerns in Mexico, popular tourist destinations have stayed relatively safe. A big reason why comes down to so many people living in Mexico needing a steady paycheck working in the tourist industry to survive. If too many visitors stop going to these major cities, it means a higher risk of unemployment.

Six safe locations to choose from

Royal Holiday currently operates in six different destinations scattered around Mexico. At four of the locations, there is an opportunity to take advantage of their all-inclusive plans. Visitors never have to leave the area in Acapulco, Cancun, Ixtapa, and Cozumel. This added feature helps keep people safe and comfortable because navigating outside of tourist destinations can require knowledge and the ability to speak Spanish to avoid getting taken advantage of.

At the Los Cabos and Los Tules (Puerto Vallarta) locations, visitors should still feel extremely safe. That is because the Mexican government understands that these are two very popular tourist destinations. The busiest cities in the country all have police officers working around the clock to keep everyone safe. There are so many tourists coming from different countries visiting the cities that they often have more English spoken in them than Spanish. Unless visitors go into local areas, they never have to worry about communication breakdown or additional safety concerns compared to back home.

Always Improving

As satisfied as Royal Holiday Vacation Club is right now with their level of safety features, the company continues to be at the forefront of safety. That means keeping resorts safe from intruders but also keeping visitors safe on the premises. Little things such as adding more security on the property, more cameras in high traffic areas, state-of-the-art locks on each room and go a long way.

Soon, Royal Holiday Vacations Club will be announcing a few new improvements to all six locations in Mexico. It is in direct response to polls and surveys done by different organizations, indicating a lot of travelers are still hesitant to go south.

Why Visit Mexico?

What draws so many people to Mexico? Throughout history, it has been one of the best values in travel destinations for people all over the globe. Specifically, those from the United States can take advantage of quick travel times to get in and out of the country in just a few days.

Beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean are some of the finest in the world. Royal Holiday Vacations Club treats all visitors to world-class accommodations while in an area with beautiful weather all year.

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