Anti-Aging Brand Announces Dermaclara Beauty

United States, California, San Diego – 09-12-2019 ( — Dermaclara, established brand with clinically-proven skincare products, launched Dermaclara Beauty, bringing anti-aging youth science to millennials 

 Dermaclara Beauty, founded by Elizabeth Sanders and Thao Tran, is the developer of Silicone Fusion™ technology, a breakthrough youthful and anti-aging skincare treatment to alleviate lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars.

Dermaclara Beauty is known for its innovative take on skincare products that help women achieve younger-looking skin. 

Having incorporated the latest scientific breakthroughs as well as having consulted with top dermatologists, the company thoughtfully developed clinically-tested products based around Silicone Fusion™ patches that offer effective results for common skincare and anti-aging concerns for women. 

Founders Elizabeth Sanders and Thao Tran created Silicone Fusion™ technology to deliver stunning youthful and smoother skin. Not only that, clarafuse, Dermaclara’s silicone patches that incorporate this skincare technology, allow younger women to be proactive and treat wrinkles before they even form.

“Medical professionals have been using silicone gel sheeting since the early 80s. They’ve been using this to treat scars and keloids,” says Dermaclara’s Dr. Kent Leyton. “When we were researching the use of silicone pads for scar reduction, we discovered that our technology had a revolutionary impact,” he added. 

“Dermaclara creates the perfect microclimate beneath the skin. This natural, painless process gives you results you can see within an hour,” claims Dr. Leyton. 

He continues, “Our professional, custom line of silicone patches are tailored to fit your needs. The outcome of Dermaclara is that you’ll look younger. And if you look younger, you’ll feel younger, and that’s huge.”

Clinical tests back the company’s claims. According to reports by BioScreen Testing Services Inc. regarding the efficacy of Dermaclara in improving skin, there was “significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles” in the forehead, mouth, and chest areas, as well as stretch marks and scars from weight fluctuations. As much as 90% of the subjects claim their skin feels smoother.  

In another final report regarding the efficacy of Dermaclara in improving the appearance of stretch marks, it concluded, “There was a statistically significant improvement in the appearance of stretch marks from baseline at one-week post-treatment.” 

Check out the brand’s newly revamped website and the relaunch of the rest of its line of Dermaclara Beauty products.


About Dermaclara Beauty

Dermaclara Beauty creates products that let you say goodbye to lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks—all of life’s natural challenges. With the brand’s skin-smoothing Silicone Fusion™ technology designed for women of all ages, you’ll get results that lead to plumped, hydrated, younger-looking skin. Don’t dread aging, overcome the anxiety of having stretch marks or getting wrinkles and enjoy proactive, clinically-proven skincare solutions that really work! For more information, visit

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