Cosmic Spin’s Gilding Lilies EP reimagines classic rock songs for 2019

OAKLAND, CA – 09-12-2019 ( — 6-track collection features “groovy electric folk” versions of favorites from Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young and more.


The Folk-Rock duo Cosmic Spin has released Gilding Lilies, a 6-track EP on the Pentacle Records label. The EP features “groovy electric folk” reinterpretations of classic songs from Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Beck, Donovan, The Monkees and others.

Enrico De Paoli, a multi-Grammy-winning Music Engineer (Ray Charles, Aaron Neville, Al Jarreau) was among the first music industry veterans to review the EP, saying, “What an AMAZING record. The sound, the vibe, the playing. It’s totally different than all the mechanical stuff being done these days. So organic…so live…love it.”

A performing band since forming in 2013, Cosmic Spin is the brainchild of Bara Waters and Robert Cassard. They imprint soulful harmonies, layered guitars, and deep grooves onto classic covers and original songs, producing a sound that is immediately recognizable, yet difficult to categorize, as it spans Folk, Rock, Country and other musical genres.

The group took a hiatus from live shows in 2019 to enter the recording studio with the goal of spreading their music to a larger audience. For Gilding Lilies, they recorded six songs which are staples of their live shows: 

I’m a Believer — a more serious, minor-key update of The Monkees single.

Ooh Child / Landslide — a mashup weaving a Motown classic with Stevie NicksLandslide.

The Golden Age — a more rhythmic version of the opening track from Beck’s 1992 release Sea Change.

Say You Love Me — updating the 1975 Fleetwood Mac original in a slower, blues-based style.

After the Goldrush — fleshing out Neil Young’s sparse original version with guitars, drums and rich vocal harmonies.

Wear Your Love Like Heaven — jazz-tinged psychedelia, updating Donovan with an Arabic 13-string oud and electric fuzz guitar solo.

Gilding Lilies was produced, recorded and mixed by Robert Cassard. The EP is characterized by an epic sound consisting of layered vintage guitars and laid-back rhythmic grooves (bass, drums and loops). But Waters and Cassard’s vocals and harmonies always take the starring role, from solo vocals to multi-tracked choruses of 12 or more voices. 

The Gilding Lilies EP was released to Spotify, Apple Music and other major music streaming and download services on August 5, 2019, and garnered thousands of streams and over 25,000 monthly listeners in its first month. Gilding Lilies can be accessed on each listener’s choice of streaming and download services through Hear Now:

Since forming in 2013, Cosmic Spin has performed at diverse venues in the San Francisco Bay Area, from wineries to community events and fundraisers. Waters and Cassard take every audience on a musical journey or “cosmic spin.” Thanks to the use of guitar and vocal effects, along with pre-recorded tracks and bass/drum grooves, Cosmic Spin surprises audiences with just two people creating the sound of a full band.  

Describing a recent live show in Oakland, California, Camden Hicks said, “I love their creative, tight arrangements, great harmonies, guitar and layers of pre-recorded magic. They make classic songs sound fresh and unexpected.”

With the global release of Gilding Lilies, Cosmic Spin‘s “music without borders” can now be enjoyed by listeners and genre-benders outside the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hear Gilding Lilies now:

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