Pacific Ketamine Institute Publishes First-Ever Guide to How Ketamine Treats Depression

United States, California, Beverly Hills – 09-23-2019 ( — Pacific Ketamine Institute (PKI) today published the first comprehensive guide to treating depression using ketamine. The innovative guide offers patients a holistic overview of the life-changing new depression treatmentketamine infusion therapy and esketamine nasal spray. 

PKI’s new guide opens with an outline of conventional methods of treating depression, including psychotherapy and antidepressant medications, the latter of which can take weeks to start working and may lead to adverse side effects. It then explains several natural treatments ranging from changes in sleep to altering diet. When patients don’t respond to antidepressants, natural remedies, or lifestyle changes alone, they need another option, which is where ketamine treatments come in. The guide provides an overview of all the major research and scientific studies demonstrating ketamine’s positive effect on treating depression. It also features sections on how ketamine can be used to address other conditions, including PTSD, bipolar mood disorders, and chronic pain. A few of the paper’s findings include:  When patients have treatment-resistant depression, ketamine infusions are “associated with continued and maintained reductions in depressive symptoms.”A single dose of ketamine can improve a patient’s uni-polar, treatment-resistant depression for up to seven days. A patient who uses ketamine for treating PTSD will experience a response within hours, instead of having to wait weeks as often happens with oral medications. IV Ketamine treatment and the new esketamine nasal spray, called Spravato, must be administered by a qualified healthcare professional in a clinical setting and at a specified treatment dosage. Michael E. Steuer, M.D., medical director at PKI, has been practicing medicine for more than 32 years, specializing in anesthesiology, ketamine treatments, and chronic pain management. As one of the pioneers in ketamine treatments for depression, PTSD, and chronic pain, Pacific Ketamine Institute (PKI) has exceptional medical qualifications and longstanding experience helping patients with depression find new hope. The clinic has seen an 85 percent success rate with ketamine treatments. As one patient of the Pacific Ketamine Institute in Beverly Hills, CA, described her experience, “After just three treatments I felt my fog began to lift. After the fourth treatment, I felt the bubbly me I hadn’t seen since I was 17. After the fifth treatment, my brain’s processing ability exponentially sped up, my words returned and my brain fog was 90 percent lifted. After the sixth treatment, I was overjoyed and more than fully capable again. I have my confidence back, my wits about me, and access to all learned information that was so deeply locked and I’m happy again” To read the full guide treating depression, please visit
About Pacific Ketamine Institute:Pacific Ketamine Institute (PKI) is a leading clinical provider of Ketamine-based treatments for depression, PTSD, chronic pain, and bipolar mood disorders. Led by renowned pain management expert Dr. Michael Steuer, the clinic is located at 9730 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 109, in Beverly Hills. Their doctors and healthcare staff have five decades of medical experience treating patients with pain and depression. To learn more about PKI and book an appointment, please visit:

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