Regenerative Medicine Options for Pain Relief

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – 10-01-2019 ( — St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury and Rehab has been offering regenerative medicine along with chiropractic care for their patients with incredible results. These procedures offer a non-invasive alternative for patients seeking natural, long-lasting relief without the use of invasive surgeries or pain-masking drugs. 

Commonly, patients arrive complaining of chronic knee or shoulder pain and are seeking an alternative to replacement surgeries as an option. The success rate is quite evident, and patients are finding immediate and long-lasting relief, as in the case of Doug R.Doug’s story began many years ago.  He has chronic pain in his knees, making seemingly mundane activities unbearable or sometimes even impossible due to the pain. Simply enjoying a night out bowling was an agonizing task, and the pain was robbing him of enjoyment from his favorite activities.  Recreational activities were not the only ones affected, however. Necessary chores were problematic as well, such as being able to mow the lawn. When life was becoming increasingly limited for Doug, he sought out alternative treatment for his knee pain. Through cellular injections, he went from facing every day as a challenge to being able to enjoy his life with reduced pain within days of the first treatment.  At St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury and Rehab, we offer our patients the treatments that work best for them based on individual needs with a variety of treatments available. From chiropractic care to regenerative medicine, cellular therapy, and PRP (platelet rich plasma), there is something for everyone to provide the most innovative procedures in natural pain relief.  Regenerative medicine helps speed up the growth rate of damaged tissue, reduces inflammation, and encourages the body to produce healing cells. These regenerative cells are acquired from Wharton’s Jelly, which is found in umbilical cords and contains young, healthy cells which aid in increased healing as well as anti-aging properties.  PRP (platelet rich plasma) is another regenerative treatment used for multiple ailments such as osteoarthritis, torn ligaments, and muscles, strains, sprains, and much more, using your body’s own cells to promote faster healing.By using these regenerative medicine therapies, common knee and shoulder pain, as well as more severe injury, can easily be combated without invasive procedures such as replacement surgery.  And because these treatments offer quick relief and long-lasting results, the need for pain medications or prescription drugs is also eliminated.  Whether patients come to St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury and Rehab experiencing knee, shoulder, back, or neck pain, our doctors are experienced in properly assessing and diagnosing the source of the pain.  Once the source is discovered, a unique and individual treatment plan is made, and patients can get natural pain relief and get quickly on the road to healing, enabling them to resume a healthier lifestyle without pain.  By using cutting edge regenerative medicine, our doctors are providing people of all ages with minor to major pain, a less painful lifestyle that most chronic pain sufferers could never imagine possible without surgery.

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