United States, California, Los Angeles – 09-30-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — The premium source for the dopest music entertainment where consumers can enjoy a variety of content on their favorite artists is searching for the dopest, flyest independent artists, producers and content creators to share and promote their work.

VLive America is launching a first-of-its-kind streaming network to promote the hottest music entertainment and is seeking content from the top independent artists and performers around the globe. This streaming network, dedicated primarily to millennials, will feature exclusive music videos, interviews, concerts, news, documentaries and more.The goal of the VLive America network is to provide independent record labels, artists and producers a new way to get their music heard and gain premium exposure. VLive America network is dedicated to the music entertainment community by helping the next wave of hot new artists push their music while teaching them the best ways to reach consumers and make a profit.
 “I’m excited about launching a new platform that will cultivate and teach independent artists how to push their content and make cash flow,” says owner Damon Cobbs. “We wanted to create the missing link between artist to consumer allowing artists the ability to market directly to the consumer.” Cobbs continues, “This is a platform created for the artist by the artist to express their art the way they want their art to be expressed — uncut, raw, uncensored — not destined by the charts and who’s popular.”
 VLive America network will launch with over 1000 hours of on demand music content and will also have six live channels that stream music and entertainment content curated from Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Memphis and Atlanta. The network will be teaming up with Grammy Award-Winning super producers to help shape the top trending artists. Creators of this network compare VLive America as nostalgic MTV and BET channels in the late 90’s and early 00’s mixed with the direct to consumer experiences providedby Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and YouTube Music. At launch, VLive America network’s content slate will include shows promoting the most popular music videos of the week, radio podcasts hosted by VLive America’s resident DJ’s, and the VLive America Mixtape concert series.
 The network will run advertising and promotions, enable social feedback and allow it’s audience to choose and manage playlists of their favorite content. To kick off the platform’s content, business mogul Damon Cobbs who founded the new disruptive platform, will premiere his exclusive documentary on how he built his international franchise this fall.
 To sign up and submit your content visit https://content.vliveamerica.tv/
 For more information about VLive America, visit https://content.vliveamerica.tv/. VLive Atlanta, the hottest nightclub in the city co-owned by rapper T.I. and business mogul Damon Cobbs, is hosting two special shows during BET Hip Hop Awards weekend with a special guest. If you are media and are interested in covering the exclusive shows email Lesliegaypr@gmail.com. Stay tuned for VLive America’s newest club location coming to Hollywood, Calif. this Fall.

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