Bishop Roan Faulkner Lends A Helping Hand To Communities In Baltimore

United States, Kansas – 10-15-2019 ( — Bishop Roan Faulkner recently reiterated his commitment towards charitable causes in Baltimore. As a man of God, he believes in leading by example. He grew up in a family of four and is no stranger to daily struggles faced by many local families.

Fortunately, he found Jesus at an early age. This has shaped his unique perspectives on life and social renewal. Bishop Roan Faulkner works closely with disadvantaged communities to provide a helping hand. In addition, he provides spiritual counseling as a way to foster spiritual enlightenment and renewal. 

He believes that the prophetic mission of Christ, which involves preaching the gospel of love, peace and prosperity finds a resounding resonance in today’s communities.

This is witnessed by the numerous pontifical interventions, the precise and enlightening features of the pastoral constitution. The Bishop calls for relationships punctuated by more intense solidarity between the Church and the community. Hence, his charitable work in Baltimore, MD.

The bishop advocates an urgent awareness of this dimension when it comes to evangelizing the Church’s mission. The apostolic exhortation has perfected these calls, summoning all the people to assume their religious and charitable responsibilities.

He urges the people of Baltimore to commit their energy in the effort and struggle to overcome societal challenges by embracing the spirit of oneness and forgiveness. 

Spiritual liberation

The testimony of men and women who courageously took part in the defense of spiritual enlightenment is an effective echo of the Gospel and the voice of the Church.

The interpretations and reactions that have occurred both within the local Churches and religious communities or civil society have shown an identical sensitivity and concern.

Some communities are often in a position to live more closely the tragedies that torment the populations to whose evangelical service they have consecrated themselves. The same prophetic character of religious life asks them to incarnate the Church. They are often at the outposts of the mission and take the greatest risks for their health and lives.

Serving the gospel and local communities

This sincere desire to serve the Gospel and the integral promotion of community objectives requires that compassion should be placed at the center of every concern. This is supported by patience and perseverance, thus seeking truth in charity.

In this way, it becomes easier to overcome ambiguous positions. Moreover, the different conditions of culture and sensibility,as well as social and political contexts will find a place for a mutual listening. This yields a community consensus that gives guarantee and safer efficacy.

This presence of compassion and promotion of justice should manifest itself in communities. While some social categories know how to give themselves vigorous structures of protest and support, some face injustices that find little resonance in the hearts of many. For this reason, Bishop Faulkner preaches the gospel of compassion, love and togetherness.

The Church is, above all, the voice and conscience of the society at large. However, the role of religion entails a constant verification of life choices. Anyone who dares to speak for justice must lead by example as does Bishop Roan Faulkner.

There is a stimulating relationship between evangelization and the promotion of social justice. In this perspective, the role played by evangelization also finds particular strength in apostolic fruitfulness.

Bishop Faulkner urges people to consider the profound links that exist between evangelization and human existence. To forget them would be to ignore the lessons from the Bible about extending love and compassion to the suffering and needy neighbor.

Religion seeks to cultivate spiritual renewal. In this perspective, some aspects of renewal are important. These include social activities, which have always accompanied the mission of the church.

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