Couturier Misha Kaura Authors E-Book “Survive to Thrive” for Victims of Abusive and Toxic Relationships

United Kingdom, London – 11-15-2019 ( — Internationally acclaimed couturier Misha Kaura has just authored a new ebook titled “Survive to Thrive: Resources to Defeat Abuse, Stalking, Cyberstalking, Defamation, Infidelity, and Domestic Violence in Toxic Relationships.” 

“Survive to Thrive” is a resource book for women of all ages who are sick and tired of living in survival mode and are ready to thrive. This e-book is a research-based solution to the problem of disrespect which is manifested via horrific, toxic, and abusive behaviour. After a raw and personal introduction, extensive research is provided on the root cause of abuse, resources to defeat abuse, domestic violence, stalking, cyberstalking, and infidelity, and strategies to navigate emotional labyrinths on legal and spiritual levels. The book also features a comprehensive red flag list, information on self love and manifestation, variables that predict marital stability (from her summa cum laude undergraduate thesis), and extensive further reading resources.

Immediately after the launch of the e-book are two collaboration handbags with both Sakhi for South Asian Women and the Anti-Defamation League. Each handbag costs $1497 and all profits go to each organisation. Misha’s objective is to make it crystal clear to all victims of abusers–whether in their academic, professional, or personal relationships–that they can thrive.

Misha Kaura is a former Miss Utah and an internationally acclaimed, award-winning couturier and fine artist. She is the only Indian-American in world history to be invited to membership by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and is also the second youngest designer to win the Platinum Award in Fashion Design. Outside of art and design, she is completing her law degree at the top-ranked Georgetown University and is writing her thesis on internet defamation and the Communications Decency Act 230. A survivor of malicious cyberstalking and attacks on her business from a deranged suitor via arranged marriage, her story is one of triumph out of survival mode and into thrive mode.

The self published e-book costs $9.99 USD and has been uploaded to multiple bookstores worldwide.

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