LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA – 12-02-2019 ( — Global Data Systems, Inc., a full-service managed solution provider, will be exhibiting in booth 3152 at the International Workboat Show on December 4-6, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The International Workboat Show is a trade-only conference for commercial vessels owners, operators and builders as well as the vendors and suppliers that serve them.

“This year, we are announcing two new connectivity service offerings, NOMAD Infinity and GDS Global VSAT Data, that will make their official debut in 2020. We are excited to share the great news with the industry at this show, said Jamie Guidry, Marketing & Communications for Global Data Systems. These two new service offerings will definitely enhance our competitive presence in the market”. Global Data Systems’ current secure connectivity solution, NOMAD-GOM, is a unique SD-WAN platform that combines LTE wireless with satellite service that ensures optimum performance for voice, video and other latency-sensitive applications. It solves the problems for offshore operations of lack of reliable connectivity, insufficient bandwidth to support growing requirements, poor call quality and application performance, high-cost of traditional satellite services and inability to switch between connections as needed. The only difference with NOMAD and NOMAD infinity is, “It’s unlimited data usage plan up to 100mg speeds, catering specifically to the Inland Marine and Construction Industries.”, said Guidry. With NOMAD Infinity entering the market, say goodbye to connectivity data overages and hello to one low flat bill on one unlimited plan. Global Data Systems’ currently provides VSAT coverage to the oil and gas industry, allowing platforms, rigs and marine transportation vessels to communicate efficiently from land to sea. Right now, the GDS footprint is currently limited to North America and certain parts of Central and South America which has positioned them as one of the Top Twenty Independent Operators in the world by the World Teleport Association for the last 5 years. “As GDS has revolutionized and enhanced our communication technology over the last two years, we felt it was time for something bigger”, said Guidry. Next year, Global Data Systems will launch their Global VSAT Data offering, enhancing their global footprint anywhere in the world. “In the old days, companies had to buy an entire network of bandwidth to turn up one location in a new market. Now they’ll be able to add a single vessel or a 100-vessel fleet in any footprint for the same low price anywhere in the world”, said Wade Berzas, Vice President of Sales for Global Data Systems. With Global Data Systems entering the Global VSAT Communications market, anything is possible.Overall, Global Data Systems is making an impact in the communication world with the value of connecting anyone, anywhere within 48-hours. “It is our guarantee”, said Berzas.
About Global Data Systems
GDS is a full-service managed IT company with the deep engineering expertise and technology tools to support midsize and large enterprises. We specialize in solutions for oil and gas, marine transportation, industrial construction, government and healthcare, providing our clients with the most up-to-date and innovative approaches to overcoming industry pains.We help organizations boost the bottom line and streamline operations through the strategic application of world-class IT solutions. But it is our passion for making IT simple that empowers our clients to reach their potential. With GDS as a partner, you can quit worrying about IT and focus on your business.Global Data Systems is headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, with additional offices and sales and technical personnel in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lockport, Louisiana, and Houston, Texas. Follow Global Data Systems:Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

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