New Brand Lets you Trade Hangovers For Mimosas

United States, Massachusetts, Boston – 12-04-2019 ( — Here to show you how to trade hangovers for mimosas is Good Morning. The alcohol prevention brand getting ready for launch. Canned liquid supplements are nothing new, think Redbull, Monster, or a Starbucks Doubleshot. Yet this brand boasts they can help you out-smart and out-maneuver rough mornings. Not with energy in a can. But with Good Mornings in a can.

They’re a new brand that canned Good Mornings. A small mini drink ~ 150ml. A liver-boosting supplement that washes out the toxins from alcohol, so you can wake up on the right side of the bed.

Good Morning is backing the claims of canned good mornings with science. It’s not water with electrolytes in it. For a good reason too. Pop culture says water and electrolytes are the silver bullets for hangovers, but science hasn’t landed on this theory.

The liquid supplement speeds up your liver’s ability to break down toxins, so your next morning is superb. They do this with DHM, an herbal extract from Japanese Raisin trees. People have been using this for hangover remedies in Japan since the year 659. Good Morning says they made it better. Learn more on the parent company’s website here: 

How does this circle back to hangovers and mimosas? Well, here’s the fun part. Good Morning is allowing for preorders. A few limited bottles of “Really Good Mimosa Mix” are being sold by the parent company Trobetter. When you buy this mimosa mix, you’re guaranteed a free 6-pack of Good Mornings drinks on launch day.

You can get a free 6-pack of these mini drinks right now at Buying “Really Good Mimosa Mix” now and you’re picking up the early bird ticket for when they launch.

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