Second Phone Line App Releases New Live Answering Feature

United States, Georgia, Buford – 12-05-2019 ( — Ninja Number, a second phone line mobile app, announces its new feature Live Ninjas On-Demand, a live answering component for app users.

Ninja Number is designed to empower entrepreneurs and solopreneurs by providing a business phone line on their personal smartphone. This allows businesses owners to take work with them on the go, without having to buy a separate phone or mix business and personal calls. Now, the creators of Ninja Number recognize that businesses need help with answering calls during peak and after hours.“Live Ninja Operators can be used as gig workers for call answering,” Ninja Number CEO Jay Reeder said.  “The feature empowers entrepreneurs to choose when they want assistance answering calls. It’s designed to be used only when needed – like having freelance operators.“When you sign up for this add-on feature, you’re getting a team of Ninja Operators to answer your calls day or night, weekends and holidays.”Reeder has started several businesses in the last two decades and has a deep understanding of how important calls are.“I know how critical it is to make sure every call is handled like a VIP, because anyone could be your next customers. With this live answering feature, Ninja Operators treat each caller as a VIP,” Reeder said.Live, US-based operators answer calls using a customized script, take messages and then send those messages immediately to the app user. The app user can then prioritize who to call back and when. “This way, business owners can rest easy knowing that all their calls are receiving a personal touch, which can enhance the customer experience. For those who feel the intense pressure of wanting to answer and respond to every call immediately, this is a feature that can take some of that pressure off,” Reeder said.Ninja Number users can toggle the Live Ninja On-Demand feature on and off whenever they choose. Whether it’s during peak hours, after hours or on the weekend, highly trained and skilled operators will be available to answer calls.  Ninja Number offers a wide variety of features. Users can link up to five phones, which creates a team of people to help answer calls, texts and voicemails. The creators of Ninja Number are continually adding features in response to business trends.For example, business texting is becoming the preferred communication between businesses and consumers. Ninja Number created a feature to text back to transcribed voicemails for easy two-way communication between businesses and customers.Ninja Number creators also leveraged artificial intelligence to create its Smart Auto-Reply feature. Users can easily program customers’ frequently asked questions and then customize responses. Artificial intelligence scans voicemails for these frequently asked questions and texts back the customized reply. The app also provides Big Data for users with industry leading call reports and analytics. Ninja Number provides customized insights based off those reports to improve business owners’ communications skills.Ninja Number uses cellular connection (4G and 5G), not WiFi, for the best coverage and call quality. Users have unlimited talk and text through the app. About Ninja NumberNinja Number is a virtual phone system used by more than 75,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses. For more information, visit

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