New Survey Shows Stress Eaters Favor Ice Cream

United States, District of Columbia, Washington – 12-16-2019 ( — American stress eaters are most likely to choose ice cream to cope, according to a recent survey conducted by Whisked!, a Washington, D.C., based online bakery. The survey findings are an indication of how Americans may handle the hectic holiday season when stress and eating go hand in hand.  

The survey asked 1,000 Americans nationwide, “What is your favorite dessert to eat when stressed?” Some interesting findings came out:

  • Twenty-nine percent of survey participants chose ice cream as their favorite choice. 
  • Cookies came in second (14%). 
  • Cake rounded out the top three favorites with 10%. 
  • Chocolate was only mentioned by 1% of the survey participants. 

When broken down by gender, the results showed men and women mostly agree ice cream and cookies are the best stress desserts. More women than men chose ice cream as their first choice. Thirty-three percent of women and 24% of men chose ice cream. Men showed a greater preference for cookies than women. Thirteen percent of men and 11% of women reported cookies were best to relieve stress. Men and women strongly disagree on cake, however. Women named cake 11% of the time, while men said they rarely eat cake to combat stress. Young adults (18-24-year-olds) and older adults (aged 55-60) were most likely to admit they eat dessert to calm stress. However, twenty-seven percent of participants, mainly 25-54-year-olds, said they do not eat dessert at all.  To read all the survey results and view the accompanying infographic, visit  ______________________________________________________________________________Whisked! is an award-winning online bakery founded by Jenna Huntsberger in 2011 when she began selling American-style desserts with all-natural ingredients at her local farmer’s market. Today, Whisked! serves more than  175 grocery stores and restaurants in the Mid-Atlantic region and delivers desserts across the nation. Whisked and Huntsberger have been featured in The Washington Post and on National Public Radio (NPR).

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